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This is John Anderson direct with Coleman Hughes, please note the John Anderson Direct is recorded live via online streaming, which means that sometimes the audio quality is less than optimum. Coleman, who's it's incredibly good of you to join us on a very sensitive been credibly important topic, black lives matters. You've recently here. You're jazz musician. No well established public intellectual in America you've written for the New York Times itself a very interesting. Entity these days you written for the Wall Street Journal for Quillet. You host your own podcasts. And I'd have to say your very brave and committed a data and rational argument. So. Thank you a gain for your time? We hear this term. Systemic racism bandied around a great deal now. What I'd like to do. That is to take a helicopter view all. If you like? The whole issue of racism as a horrific. Blight really on human nature, and then look at the way in which it's played up. The reality is that. The cruelty and the dreadful thing called slavery has. been a constant battle throughout human history. And when you stop and think of just how ugly the African slave trade walls! You can see the origins of some of the terrible tensions in America. That was systemic racism. That was the idea that one man could bind sill, another man or women and children, as they were goods and chattels. Gradually in particular America in Britain had with very courageous leadership from paper lot wilberforce himself Oh. That was wound back. On the tried itself was abolished and then slavery in the from. Seven hundred, thirty, three, then in America. You had a terrible civil war forever, nonetheless systemic racism. Mud vayne ended in the sense of slavery was stalled, but what happened than some America was appalling right until the civil rights movement of the nineteen sixties to what extent? Is Systemic Racism. A realistic term that means anything today. So yes systemic racism. Is a term. That is very confusing. And I'm I'm not sure it's necessarily. Uh..

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