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Twenty year anniversary of the beginning of the sopranos. We talk about it next. ESPN radio. Sportscenter. I'm Jan rather. ESPN's Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen report that the Bengals are interested in hiring Rams quarterbacks. Coach Zac Taylor after L sees it ends Steelers owner, art birdie. The second told the Pittsburgh post gazette that it's hard to envision it. Tonio Brown on the team when training camp begins in July Heisman Trophy winning Oklahoma quarterback Tyler Maury expected to enter the NFL draft before Monday's deadline. Murray was also draft in the first of the major league baseball draft by the inside is four point six million dollars signing bonus with Oakland with more ESPN's Jeff tacit the expect him to show up for spring training. Tyler Murray is going to be in major league camp with them not just in camp with them at the start. But in camp in till they go to Japan to start their season Cuyler Maury chooses the NFL over major league baseball. You will have to return his signing bonus money to the aged. Jeff passan reports of the Mets agree on a two year deal with veteran. Infielder jed Larry in the nationals of one year nine million dollar contract with second baseman, Brian Gojra Laker saying that LeBron James will miss at least three more games with that groin injury yield checked up on again on Wednesday on the scoreboard. And in Denver right now, the nuggets lead the clippers seventy nine to sixty five of the third quarter. Second quarter of San Antonio Spurs on top of the thunder fifty nine. Fifty three one final feet down the Celtics one fifteen ninety nine stopped. Boston's four game winning streak. College basketball. Second ranked Michigan seventy eight hundred sixty nine win at Illinois. Join us Friday. We'll get you ready for a big weekend in the NFL close out the week the way we always do open up the globe that's Friday on the Dan guitar jello. ESPN radio. Under the hood with Jonathan hood, weeknights on ESPN one thousand ESPN app. We don't know this theme music by now. Where were you? Of course, the sopranos turns twenty today at least the debut. Of the sopranos twenty year old day, Adam of dela-. I am Jeff Meller we're in for Jonathan hood. And adam. Share with me,.

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