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The revenue now this is the movie the finally got leonardo dicaprio his best actor award the the whole thing is it's one of the most visually stimulating movies i've ever seen from a cinematography standpoint the guy's name who made the movie slipping my mind at the moment mad props to him you've got google you figured out love the revenue very good very long it can be grueling at some stages of the movie this is not like nonstop action packed but it's like a little more artsy than most of the other movies on this list but nevertheless definitely revenge movie definitely one of the best v for vendetta feeling most people forget about this movie as revenge movie is also one of my all time favorites lever fucking love it braveheart at its core it's a revenge movie william wallace he has some you know his fifth wife gets murdered man everything else he does after that is a bizarre of what happened to his wife it's super it's revenge movie next one man on fire the dow hall denzel washington ex hitman or whatever he is best friends with this little girl who's loves to swim she gets taken the the whole rest of the movies him extracting revenge on everybody who had anything to do with taking this little girl here's one that you may not have heard of that you may not have seen that i had never heard of until i randomly stumbled upon it on netflix one day and i watched it and i was like why the fuck i never heard of this movie's fantastic movies called sleepers it's featuring kevin bacon jason patric brad pitt robert deniro dustin hoffman minnie driver vittorio gassman has a lot of big names and for whatever reason this movie just never got the shine for me and like my group of friends growing up that other movies did it came out in like ninety six i think yet nineteen ninetysix tober of ninety six it's re i mean really good it's a really good movie it's a very good revenge movie on this one because i am pretty confident most people haven't seen it i'm not going to say much about just go watch sleepers gangs of new york this one is another one that kinda skated the line for me in terms of whether or not it could be classified as revenge movie because it's just a fucking weird movie all in all to scorsese movie it it's you know won awards and shit it's it's a really good movie it's just daniel lewis plays william cutting in it but at its core leonardo dicaprio is seeking revenge the whole movie in that drives the entire plot so i counted as a revenge movie this one has a weird spot in my heart to because taylor and i would always try to watch it when we first started dating we would never finish it in so we watched it like thirty times and i still don't know if she's ever actually seen the whole fucking movie but it's a very good movie and i highly recommend it the patriot the obvious mel gibson movie we've actually discussed it before for some other reason i think it was like movies to watch on the fourth of july or some shit anyway the whole thing is is it's about the american revolution against britain but mel gibson's character goes through some shit and as a result everything he does is kind of driven by revenge and a lot of anger sin city another one four brothers one you probably didn't think i would throw on here i don't think many people saw this either or take it serious and it's kind of the result of the weird cast that this movie is made up walberg is in it mark wahlberg tyree says in it it's just kind of a random weird little film but is is good man it's a really good revenge movies it andre benjamin is it onto stacks is in it road to perdition another one tom hanks movie very long another one that kind of flew under the radar for me i didn't see it until i was an adult very good revenge movie mob movie road to perdition with tom hanks and i'll round it out with the girl with the.

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