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You. Vote buddy i'm voting out You know my my to ballot sent to my house for me and my wife to fill out her Fill out her right. We're going to take different approach tonight on the show and do four hours about how the us pulling out of. Afghanistan may not be a great idea. Okay we'll switcheroo tonight. It's been that's right throwing a couple of days. I keep it moving or or the second choice. Britney spears father jamie to step down from conservative. now that's even more gotta do afghanistan. Jamie spear that's right. That's right man. Think dawn with that. And then a slice of cake from prince charles and princess. Diana's wedding is being auctioned off for two thousand five hundred bucks. My grandmother's saved a piece of my dad's wedding up until the day she died. Like a nineteen eighty five eighty four. Something like that but it was like the old romanian tradition. Where you have a wedding you save a piece that wedding cake. You have a bite of it after one year and then you save with the rest of your life. Is that an old romanians. You're event and then when we went and you know when she passed away and we had to Dispersive summer stuff. My dad threw that in the trash. Not romanian. I'm a quarter romanian. Is that right now. I'm three quarters. Irish one-quarter romania always assumed your irish. Yeah so i'm stuck at the track. That is really weird going on. I don't think that's legal. It's a really weird remains an irish mating by And my wife part jewish so. My daughter is jewish. Romanian an irish. Wow that's a. I never heard of that. Yeah ding dong guys to dig dog dog everybody while you're nuts. It's right john. And ken show and michael crozier has the news. Kfi hd two los angeles orange county live everywhere on the iheartradio app..

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