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The creeper in the parking lot but as it turns out i don't miss said well it here's a assery for you ah k this is just really right up your your alley an australian man who i don't know he had timed the yell crikey as he accidentally fell into the would shipper low vaughn a property in olympus our roads choose me jim pie or give him pie north of brisbane will have to ask of tom hackett in a press conference monday acting inspector poll a algae said the man the way the man died was absolutely shocking it is our renders thing to have to attend is a police officer any suddendeath but the circumstances were absolutely shocking everyone's obviously very distressed who are still trying to work out the circumstances as to who has seen what the fiftyfouryearold queens queensland man was cleaning the driveway of a rural property in boom boren given by about six hundred and sixty miles north of sydney with two friends sunday night when the incident occurred none of them are were contractors and we they were there to help the person who owns the property of they're all friends they were doing a favour for the lady who owns it owns the property two men were with the victim when he somehow accidentally fell into the wood chip roll and it was eight one of those big mouth peru god and you know what it does you know what comes out the other end just yet not much bits boehner careful notes in voted him so there you go fast body in a would chipper really is national arbi birdman rha this is also just as kind of like boehner candidate number one and eagle mountain woman so our border number two so she's filing a complaint was murray police after she said an officer mistakenly polder over at gunpoint according to a report the woman said she got from the police department the.

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