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Unless the latter coming just hours after we rang in two thousand nine gene David getting up early early f- on New Year's day to what Jefferson surrender meekly over. The course of the next night minutes on CBS, they call that a traditional like any other. The club of not recover from their Riga death late in the mercy. So I and. It's a bit dark. No, creative energy, no intensity. Hate your fear will new confidence in the final third hates strongly. Disliked a genuinely hate. My second kid, we Beefeater when he was two when we said would you call it women have London played to call. It hate. The longest time as a child wrestle with it where I should say a nice name in that. We it for the longest time for three years. He carried that Beefeater everywhere to what she told hate this place Beefeater, and I can't stand much in theor- Walker the only con somewhat Janssen has been hate the backline Jordan Pickford carelessly sloppily gifting goals that thrashing gained Spurs. Couldn't watch a game is in Ecuador's on a coffee factory in the wilderness and the second evidence scored I in that game. I just like I screamed at the pheasants in the quail and the natural animals around me, and I held at the trees and news. A huge mistake. We scored two Braun doom. It could have been ten we ship that day. You said to me yesterday when I was to Everton new said, he didn't think it was possible for the team to become more midtable them more. They're becoming more evermore midtable ROY Moore irrelevant. They seem to have gone to the mid-table and been sucked in through a sort of like a hole in the in the space time continuum to a new form of midtable. They're given the mid three dimensional perhaps dimensional Iran. They've gone to another place that Dr place that just doesn't even exist. Everton honestly, a really level of relevance. Not endanger being relegated, not really competing to really do. Anything nervousness? Don't understand the team since narrative they've and they've spent money. This is a team who have now spent money and together squall of giant vice John Lewis, very good young players who on I it's just very very hard to history. Worry David is the look at markets silver in the market over revolution. Hope claim seventeen points in the first eleven games in the Marco, silver and slumped. Relegated. A what foot Marco weren't twenty one points from the first thirteen games. And we saw that the claps followed was because Everton come in from him, and quote tuned his head remember, but why that wasn't the case. Oh, and he simply a quick impact cana- coach. And then nothing else happens in medicine show other than decline Everton have the same number point now twenty seven as at this time law season. And that autocratic pie lover big Sam, and that was after we'd fired role acumen awful. Interim spell of David under everything at evident fizzle bit time is a flat circle just say thank God for the best. Best animals because you talked about so many animals today is by the Chicago. All all of this. I honestly would love I would love matinee gate to just manage Avidan is off just as a hobby. God what a powerful. Okay, Roach, everyone's favorite manager named after a mammal habitat. Ralph seventy. Right now, we've really got into the natural world on the blazers Twitter wanted Ralph this year hasn't to is giving Southampton. Some hope he's claimed seven points in his first five matches and there have been some difficult fixtures in their Roach. Yeah. Do love all over the ground to hail new manager. They put signs up that say, welcome to Ralph Hampton. Would love to the holy place. Crapper to lived in Southampton valve Ralph's world, and you all living in it. Now, my God, I was also say you keep saying don't compare me to your club. Don't call male pulling club, certainly curious decision to just claim the baseball cap and tracksuit outfit. The exactly the same one as Tootill friend. But God love the impact. He's had on south there. Their sowings of life everywhere Claude Puel who was read the last rites less. But then went to beat Chelsea Manchester City evidence big wins on the road to us. A funkier Roy Hodgson and Crystal Palace away at city. I must say that Palestine against city that is one of the football watching highlights in my life..

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