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Podcast network and on patriots press pass. I'm Evan Lazar as always joined by Alex barth of 98 5 and Atlas in the background. He wants Odell Beckham, junior on the Patriots. Alex has been tracking airplanes, helicopters, letting me know where Norwood airports entire flight log has been for the last couple of hours, of course, Odell Beckham, junior, now officially a free agent he has cleared waivers. Nobody claimed Beckham on the waiver order. So he is a free agent, can choose whatever team he wants to go to Alex. And I reported about an hour ago or so that I've heard three teams that have been connected to Odell the most. That is the hackers, the saints and the Patriots. Now, a couple of people have also touched on the Seahawks as potential suitors for Odell Beckham junior. I haven't necessarily heard that some dark horse raiders, conversations, but those seem like the 5 teams if you want to expand on my report that are really in the mix here for Odell. Yeah, I mean, that's all logical, right? Do the same thing. I know he can make the veteran minimum, but do the saints even have that money, I'm not entirely sure what your capital situation is. Their cap situation is tight. They don't have a quarterback, but I was told that the two most important things to Odell are playoff contention and offensive innovation and coaching, right? And I think a lot of people and they hear good coaching when I tweeted out good coaching, they responded oh, the packers don't have a good coach. You know, la flor kicks field goals in the NFC championship. Well, it does suck. Okay, but the floor sucks from the standpoint of game management situational decision making things like that. When I say good coaching, I mean a guy that's a bright offensive mind that's going to use the player to the best of his ability, not anything to do with did he kick a field goal, you know, down three or whatever it was in the NST championship game..

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