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Like, no, I don't think I'm gonna look down there, Mike. The game is where that ball doesn't move. So it's kind of kind of baffled you sometimes. How bad your game can go south, but it's just, it's fun watching a lot of these athletes play Mark Mueller, unbelievable, unbelievable golfer. Well, smeltz is the guy, right? Isn't it smoltz? Isn't he the one, too? Smoltz is the one who look out for, right? He's always good enough not to win. Small she is, but he brings his game in. And he's a competitor. And he, I think what was it last year, he was in a playoff with Vinny del Negro. And he tried to make a miraculous shot and he messed it up and del Negro won and it was funny because which is Greg Olsen's it was his catcher as well as his caddie. When he was with the braves and he come in, you should have seen the look on his face. He was so fast. It was to me it was comical because but that's just that's just John small. He's a confederate. He's going to try to find an edge and it didn't work for him, but anyways, it was great for many great guy. But that's just the thing, guys, up there. You never know who's going to win. Because the competition is so great. It is so much fun. It's a beautiful course and the fans are great and Sean Payton's hitting it off a deck and I don't just mean a driver without a T literally off a deck of a boat that he flipped his tee shot on on that fame par three. It's a blast. It's a total blast. Oh yeah, that part three can get you in trouble too. So you got to be careful to make sure your wife's not walking with you. Are you talking about spec down the right? Perspective. You're in a little bit of trouble. You got to have number 11. Yeah, you got to keep your hand, you just got to keep your vision on the catcher's Mitt, David. You know what I'm saying? You just got to look straight at home. Just straight home. But you got to look. You have to. And I remember years ago, I was golfing with Dan Quayle. Okay. So then a bunch of girls I mean and bikinis just good-looking girls. And they're like, damn, can we get a picture? He didn't know what to do. I'm like, Dan, go over there, man. He'll get your picture with these girls. It'd be great for press. And so he got the courage he did it. All right, and he went over there. I said, all right, girls show your boobs. And he ran like that. He got out there so quick and he's like, he just looked at me and he goes, you're not right. You are not right. Okay, and then that was the end of his political career. Oddly enough. At the same time. It's strange, David. That's strange. That's great. Yeah, I could ruin anybody's political career. David wells, you are one of a kind sir. Let's do this more often. Hit him straight in Tahoe next month and let's keep chatting. It's been too long. I would love it. Thanks, rich. I appreciate that. It has been too long, David wells. It might have been like Tampa at a spring training in the late 90s last time I saw you, so I greatly appreciate the time here..

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