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When i look in isaiah thomas had the celtics and it feels like he's not a franchise player to people because he's fly date if he was six two then he could be viewed as with the same stats he would be a franchise player i feel like that we we do that you're not known as a scrambler you're not known as a runner europe had quarterback and i think it baffles people that you're a hall of famer in you're able to do that almost looking like well that's he's an anomaly i it just feels like we go out of our way to label people just because they don't fit into what we expect in certain positions in sports i agree i think there's a certain perceptive you know that the trump people just can't get past um you know and and maybe that's just built upon years and years of what they've it's been ingrained in their minds as to what you know talking about football specifically like what a certain position is supposed to look like you know i mean darren sprawls walks in a room and you say there's no way this guy plays professional football you know he's five foot seven and but i'm telling you he's one of the greatest athletes greatest uh like teammates greatest work ethics like to ever to up you know in and so you just now is he is he is he is an anomaly amine is is he he's he's the he's the um he's the aberration you know i mean there's there's not many if any like him you know but it doesn't mean they're not out there if i take it was bob greasy who talked about why don't we let quarterbacks inflate the football's to their liking and i've been saying all along you know it and not to bring you in to deflate gate as much as it is if i said to you you can control lucky you want pressure was with the football and if you're playing against aaron rodgers she can do the same.

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