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Going on inside Thank you Lisa Hey. Linda How, do you how do you fleece? Your, work I'm a communications coordinator and what I do is I work on websites or social media and my work and. Sometimes in like I'm out of things to do I just start writing my blog post and. Updating my blog and editing by photos that work so you do your. Own. Personal business instead, of business do that though right Fire that would be super tempting to have a job like that I. Think if you were like IT or computer all day I feel like it's so easy to. Get distracted and go shopping or look at porn or whatever you do. Pinterest I know I like sometimes I shop for a week to provide comes wedding in China change the street Computer rear view mirrors. You know that you stick on your computer and then it shows you if somebody's walking, up behind you Oh yeah I think probably get one back you Linda have a good day I'm trying to tell her Actually going back to work I don't actually know this person is a second hand story but a. Guy he's, a pilot and he heard about another pilot because they have wifi. Allow these private jets now Normal, this guy flies a private jet and he was updating consistently like up, responding to social media. Updating Post about how he ordered a pizza while they were landing the plane, so, that. You know he'd have dinner when he got home and they had to talk to him like, hey We can't risk the idea that you're responding so, so Looking at what the airplane is doing or whatever else, so, they had that little Chit chat with him about hey JT Hey JT what? Do you do at work that you're not supposed to, be, doing My teacher in the classroom get off You not meetings and whatnot Generally sleep in my, room because to, be honest teaching high schoolers. I wanna go to sleep, I'll. Be honest with you man if you're not supposed, to be doing something else I don't think I have a problem if you've got gotta deal, with high scores all day Free time I don't think I'm mad at you for doing that Well I mean per per my school I mean we're supposed to. Be whether it's grating bus planning or meeting. Up with. Other teachers we're not supposed to just not do anything we can't we. Can't really do other stuff that we possibly could be In school to get caught but Helps me. Deal, with like ended the day I I'm. Not mad about this JT Bob we won't tell anybody have a good, day Hey jen Yes. That's, me I'm glad that you employees. At, the airport Okay Okay You to a certain, term we'll just say terminal, one? Right let's just say, that. Yeah I would take the tram. Over the terminal by the international airport and I? Would be gone for many, hours? Sleeping where would you. Sleep An empty game I knew a girl, who would, go you know when, she was traveling which are so not, supposed to do she would use those lactation pods to, take a nap And it's keeping, a woman that needs to nurse from from the pod Cool But what happened when your time like to work like winter supervisors, going, hey where's? Where's? Jen she needs to frisk. Somebody I. Work at the checkpoint itself I was. Undercover international scandal going on over here I got a really look deep, into, this this? Is? Really it's an ongoing investigation Exactly did you finally get. Fired for this is that what? You don't do it anymore or. Do you still do it I left because I. Was pregnant and I wasn't sleeping all the. Time did you get an m fifteen You got pregnant Did you have some morning sexy rollover? In your office Well, pregnant thing I totally get like when I was pregnant I was still on the air and I. Had a time where I was going to leave for Leave and I left three months early because I, could not stay awake at work like literally sitting here talking on the air I couldn't stay away Emphasis. Gravity down so sure I don't blame you I got, that the club one time it's that's a tough one You need some amoxicillin Clears right up. Have. A good day John. Thanks for calling sound I don't. Know what that. Is it sounds bad it's any any medical thing that has more than. Three words do it I. Want it that interested let's do good news stories. And.

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