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The deal obviously they had some you know you saw that this was a great marketing tool because not only could you sell the tv show but you could also market with music and then other product and in the show the partridge ramle was actually based on the couch sills a real family and and was supposed to be starring them but it was and they altered it and ends up hiring surely jones and david cassidy and and susan dade anybody reduce danie van ado cheat and and uh the the susan cross and they they put together that show uh and if it was fun for what it was but you know david was the real star of the show and i believe even at one point he was when he was thinking about leaving they had tapped rick springfield as a possible replacement for him but then ended up just killing the show altogether realizing that the real fame of it was with david cassidy yeah well those to show why i got in the music of un now i'm just well shoot i hadn't really played noah several years but the main no i well no i go out and vote ban dan orchestra i guess club ayurvedic just because those two tv show vedeno michael now with one dealer interview emperor seventy five year old guy he sounds like twenty so i have the same thing his voice does not sound any different than when he did interviews on the on the monkeys set to um and and he had such great youthful attitude as well oh yeah i love his attitude it fell off the mom mom pleased to hear him speaking positively about everything all the time and i remember uh watching nah that show are the tonight show 'cause i've watched it with my mother late at night and one nine new uh uh gibson was on there and he was tell on that story about running into michael nails with i want absolutely eight and my my mom add that call me down and fitting meet bed but it was awesome it was very cool will thank you for listening and and give them a call the night panch and again if you want to contact being you want to be a part of the show to now you.

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