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This is the moment to sell me on those games and for me right i do want that update on mario party superstars. This is a game that we hear as a team are going to be really excited to play together. Once we all get back in the studio rights. And i wanna continue to see that progression. Really wanna know that. This is gonna be great. You know that lasts. Mario party is so right. It's fun sometimes. But it's not out of the world. Knock your socks off and then as well right. Advanced wars is the game that caught my eye the last time not really a game. That would be right up my alley but slowly but surely when i see it i get introduced to get more and more excited for it so i really look forward to these updates and how they can progress tab because of nintendo can get a sale out of me. Maybe even two. That's a pretty big win. Because i am so far removed from that ecosystem. It's a big deal. Whenever i see things that do catch my eye. The monster hunters you know. The super anime sword and shield type characters will be there. And i'll probably look away but it will be fun to see what they do and then the surprises. I mean amman blessing you know we all wanna see the big hitters right that breath of the wild to. We're hoping for that. Just like we saw with wolverine out of nowhere right. Could you really announce game that could be twenty twenty two and beyond in this or minutes. Big pretty chad. Sit in a forty minute direct. It's hard for me to imagine that they have no big surprises right like in terms of big titles to talk about right. We know metro dread. But that's coming out imminently right like that. Is i feel like you've ran out of like big things to review with my troy dread in terms of something that's gonna get us hype on the level of a remember. The directly got years ago that had the smash ultimate announcement and all of us went crazy for it right like we're we're kind of past that point with metro rated a play and looking at a mario party superstars is similar thing right where that is that is not a top tier get people kind of title title for people like you and me. Who are like i love mario party. I'm looking forward to. The mario party superstars from this style of it ain't because i wanna play more party but i don't think that chris counts as a. This is a juggernaut main event title for our nintendo direct and they even put him on brilliant diamonds in shining. Pearl right like. I'm only half expecting that to show up here. Because i think the fan by article mexican point of usually when we see bieber dives into pokemon stuff that isn't any pokemon specific stream that is thrown by the pokemon company as opposed to nintendo. And so i imagine. We'll see a glimpse i don't expect anything substantial regarding that which begs the question. What is the main event you know in terms of more things that could be there. You know you shouldn't say five is around the corner as well and so. I expect to be there pokemon legends. I know that is an early twenty twenty two title. But that isn't that is a soon enough one that i wouldn't be surprised. At least the a glimpse maybe they talk about it in conjunction with pok mon brilliant diamond shining parole and then smash of course we're still one character left in that game. I expect the final smash character no pun intended. The final smash character will either be revealed at this. Or it'll be a game awards thing and i think it's an equal chance i would. I would very much not be surprised if we see the final character here and you know. I'm very curious who that character is for the final character. That's going to be included in sewer smash ultimate i expect i expect greatness right. I don't expect us another farm character or another kokomo on as i was saying this. I'm going to be disappointed. I'm expecting greatness right like you're the host kinda funny gas right like we and i know we got a of kazillion smash which kinda councils like the microsoft crossover in minecraft steve blake. Is there more that we can get..

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