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Points. The NASDAQ composite moved up twenty four and the s&p five hundred added a one point mixed Arnie's, those from Netflix after the closing bell. The streaming giant reported better than expected earnings revenue and subscriber additions, but it also issued second quarter earnings guidance. Well below what analysts had been projecting a two year? Legal battle is over apple and Qualcomm today agreed to dismiss all litigation between the two companies worldwide adding that they've reached a new six year license agreement. Qualcomm shares surged twenty three percent on the news in a new sustainability push Microsoft is making it more expensive for its business units to ignore climate change. The software giant says it will nearly double its internal carbon fee, which will help it hold. It see visions accountable for their emissions. That's your money. Now. I'm Jim Cesco. Komo news. Here. Now are your political insights House Democrats are ramping up their investigation into President Trump's business dealings, the house intelligence and financial services committees subpoena, the president's longtime lender Deutsche Bank and three other major banks as part of their ongoing probe into President Trump is family organization and the quote potential use of the US financial system for listening purposes. Eric Trump who is currently running the family business called the move an abuse of power. The Pentagon has agreed to form. Arizona Senator Martha mcsally military sexual assault task force. The group would be comprised of military and civilian experts. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan says he is committed to work with Mick Sally to eliminate sexual assault and sexual harassment and the US military. It's an issue close to mix. Sally who revealed this month, she was raped by his superior during her time in the air force. Sally wants to meet with the group by next week. Monaco's ABC news, Washington. The presidential campaign trail Republican voters may be embracing Bernie Sanders healthcare plan ABC's Mary, Bruce describes the mood among the president's base. Trump territory rustbelt Bethlehem Pennsylvania at a town hall on the president's favourite network. Fox News Bernie Sanders asked voters to embrace one of his most progressive ideas, Medicare for all you think it makes sense the spend twice as much per capita as the people of any other nation reader Bret Baier, then took it a step further. How many are willing to transition to what the Senator says.

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