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Is the way to do it. The email for any of us on a show here in the morning, Bob Show a W g on radio dot com Bob Show at W. J in radio dot com. And the text line is the same as the phone 31 to 91 3129 at 1 72 100 Speaking of phones, it's the team, Huh? Awkward phone line. Mike's on the line. What's up, Mike? Supported by how are you? Nice to hear your voice on the radio than to hear you long time. Let's write on the card on the highways, Bob. I heard I hope was not your station. But Elgin sweeper used to maintain all the shoulders. Uh, garbage, and they did not re signed That contract. Is that why is that? Why is that? Why the Eisenhower's looking bed? Yes. Yes, if you ever seen or used to be a pawn sweeper that was always apology sweeper. And I drive a truck. They're looking for you. About that morning. Thank you where you liked your adjutant border. Where are you now? That the army yet Cicero and Sunday Night Street. What I have to. Ah, get out there with Ah garbage bag and that that that stick with the with the thing on the end of it that picks up trash and get out. I'll have to get out to the expressway. Why you're sitting in traffic to stick your arm out the window with your little pull prints off of it, right? Priceless information. It is good to know that Do you guys know how long ago that that ended How long ago that control? I want to say it was a couple bunch ago. You know, taking up this sweeping him up that they haven't done that, so And from what I hear, they didn't actually signed contracts. All right. Mystery solved. Thanks, Mike. Have a great day for you to Ah, I love listening to you. It's ah, 7 17 right now, and we'll get to some extremely local news. And where is my extremely local? Ah, here it is, from Black Club Chicago Good stories today involving the Blackhawks. In a drive in the famous central camera store and also a new expanded outdoor dining area in the city. Get to that next, Let's get to Ah! Couple of things here first, like the weather, and it's Ah, well, it's going to be hot until what tonight Steve. It looks like today is going to be our last.

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