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Let me ask you. Let me ask you about your book here. Your stem cell therapy. A rising tide. What was the genesis of the book? And what does the book about. S- well the book is It's it's kind of temporal. It alerts when I started. You know like how I got started in the whole thing but during the tumor immunology things and making the cancer vaccines and then So it's it's it's a bit memorial orest in the beginning but each chapter laid out to each chapter about each condition is laid out so that it can stand alone. For example. There's the chapter on. Autism is chapter on Rheumatoid Arthritis Multiple Sclerosis heart failure lung diseases and laid out. So that's My biggest motivation for the book was I I have conversations with people all the time and and it seemed like I had the same conversation over and over and over again and I thought it. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I gave some resource. And they could you know all this stuff but that would be at the tip of their fingertips they can read it and then we can have have a really good conversation afterwards. So that was my biggest That that was the biggest reason for writing a book. And I tell you the best thing I've ever done for from you know just from a business standpoint because people they once they read the book they get it written for late public's written for eight grades You know they're the two words you have to learn to get through it. All the rest of the words are just normal normal binoculars and And it is I I have raving fans who by you know by one hundred bucks at a time and handed out to their friends because they see this technology as being transformative and I certainly do. I think that these cells have capacity to reduce human suffering the vastly and We're were you know we're in the infancy of it. I've been doing it for twenty years but we're we're still in the infancy of the of the you know the world there there. There's a there's a approved approved product in in South Korea. There's a product in Canada one in New Zealand and and now a couple of in Japan so there yet they're yet to be a an approved product in the US. But I think once you once that happens the economics I think so not just the cells but the cell to sell products the things that the cells secrete will ultimately replace a vast majority of the pharmaceutical industry and So it's an exciting time to be here and I love seeing all the results and and you know every time we go to Panama. It's it's story after story because you know last year over two thousand people and you know I I only meet a very small percentage of them but when I do it's always very gratifying and a lot of a lot of them. Got There because of the book. They got there because the book they got there because because they watched Joe Rogan. You Know Mel Gibson on Joe Rogan with me and And and and then and then they bought the book. So it's to me. It's it's great because it imports. Little every it's just my group that I put down my truth. Clinics Truth are the research truth and People are able to to grasp it and I had a UFC fighter. Call me the other day and and wanted to talk about treatment. I said Hey once read the book first and then you know you read the book and then we had a very intelligent conversation now. We know what we want to see what he wants to do. So that's main main reason for the buck. Yeah very cool. Yeah and it's awesome that you put it in a simple form there because today it seems like The order of the day is to come up with the the catchy headline and people don't even read the story anymore. So I know that. But there's there's some pushback against the whole stem cell research and everything what why is such Opposition is it from big pharmaceutical companies. What does the odd position that you face mostly doing all this well so the early opposition was from misunderstanding? because stem cells back on George Bush He basically banned further federal funding on embryonic themselves cells that were outside of this scope that they identified that had already been that's already been created and so everybody thought stem cells man and you know dead baby or you know or or an embryo that could become a human well these so I think we're over that now Uh We you know. In two thousand fifteen we tried to get a bill introduced into the Texas legislature about adult stem cells. Because he's fallen a category that adult stem cells. A baby is born healthy and you know mom delivered the after birth which is normally going in the trash or in into you know to incineration that is collected. And that's what we used to know. Baby is harmed so I think the early early push back was all about the IMBRIANI steps. You had the you know the most of most of the you know the Catholic church was against bath the Baptist against most most religious people really against the loss of life. There is no loss of life here in fact the Catholic Church supports this research So we've gotten over that hurdle I think the the public consciousness has changed so that that is no longer an issue and we actually got a law passed in Texas that its it. Basically makes everything that we do in Panama legal do in Texas. Unfortunately we still have a federal law that that that is over that and We made some amendments to that that bill this year this year and it was it was again. It's still on the books in Texas but it's against federal law and nobody wants to be the first one to do it against federal law. Because you know I'm not gonNA as a business man I'm not gonNA. That's a bunch of money and manufacturing facility that's going to be potentially hacked up by the you know by the sets for some reason you know. So that's that's that's the deal and there's got a Lotta money on the other side you know. Hey if the the the the anti rheumatic drugs are fourteen billion dollars a year. And if it's my fourteen billion dollars might not be happy about some Other option you know so And I think I my prediction is all all these these biologic animal. No matter the cost fifteen thousand dollars shot every month. We'll we'll go to zero. You know there was a big clinical study of room service rightous where they use these excels and and you probably heard of like I'm not gonNA mention the name but these drugs that they're they're antibodies to two molecules. The Mo- mostly eighteen up right. So this crisis factor kinda general of the immune system and it kind of keeps it keeps the inflammation going and so they they make antibody this season you if you just watch. TV for twenty four hour period to see all these ads and the the top selling drugs in the world are are the this class of drugs. Watch anti rheumatic and Anyway I trial using this Using these cells reduced one single infusion reduced use that that bad that bad actor the Tanf Alpha by fifty percent and the second infusion dropped another twenty five percent and then made all the subjects asymmetric and that persisted for this study was only eight months long but we have faces now. That are eight years out who they're treated one time and they never have go back on any any Drugs so that's the trial that were finishing up right now in in Panama is for the RIM tourists right. So you know it's only only human nature that there's an economic the economic pushback against When you're making a ton of money and you have a ton of money you're GONNA you're not gonna be too thrilled about the next thing thing that will that will reduce your revenues by law? So yeah this one is incredibly important. What you're doing? It's just amazing that you know you're passionate about what you're doing and you're a helping you know countless lives and continue to do so for many years to come and we got this one more question about you as a father have you what type of I know it takes a lot of discipline to do what you do for a living. So what type of disciplinarian were you as a dad but the kids growing up your spanker timeout. How'd you Kinda handle discipline No I never was a spanker of it was a time out deal and You know just but I like the bigger is better than the stick to you know so there we set up goals for them to for for certain milestones and they would get rewarded. I think that that always works better for me and And the honestly. I don't think I was that much of a disciplinarian. Just you know if they acted it up or something then But yeah there I said I was super lucky or as them being self starters because I I can't imagine I have a really good friend of mine. His his son in schools you know just does not thrive and I am and I know that she spends an inordinate amount of time trying motivate them and I never had that challenge so I don't know what I'd do in that case but and very cool and what. My my father was not. My father was very much against any sort of corporal punishment. Even though so it's funny because my father would never spank and he he. My father was a psychiatrist and he was very anti spanking but yet we went to school in my day and we got the hell beat out for teachers or gym teachers. Yeah so now. I guess that's all band but when when I was at school that was still a part of the deal and and nobody ever said a word and now I think you couldn't even look at a kid funny without getting written up or something so yeah isn't real very true very true. What type of goals are planning to happen here? As far as you have any other books documentaries doc entries into making. What's what what kind of goals for the future here Well you know. I'm just putting my head down and getting clinical trials done is the main thing waste. We just built out a new Because we've been completely full without any advertising for the last five years and and we've been we have a waiting list so we built a new faith out a new space out in a very large four hundred million dollars hospital complex. That's a and it's the grand opening next month. We have a twelve thousand square foot space over there and we plan on doing a lot more in this fine world because the So that they the basically you need you need certain facilities. If you're going to be injecting fine so we got some studies set up for that and spine pain back pain lower. We're back pain neck pain. It's such a huge problem that we've never been in that space and we're GONNA start getting into that space clinically dente Panama and then here in the US. Yes I have a company that You know we figured out this this. We figured out a way to manufacturer sells so one of the big problems with with Going through any regulatory in like FDA or any regulatory bodies is that. There's the the when you when you take umbilical cord and you go through. Let's say enough cells to treat three hundred people and then you take another bill for corddry grow up three hundred people. Then you have a new drug for every three hundred people. And they don't like that so one thing that we've developed my my skunkworks lab in Dallas is sell way too. I select cells else.

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