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In twenty fifteen i was approached by dj shawny de he'll talk radio he said he was looking for deejay do some mixes for his radio show i said okay cool you said what do you wanna do ichi you know looking out for me you don't you're doing your favorite what can i do for you so you're well let's just wanna play my tapes on the radio you said i bet let started whenever you wanna start let's start it i said bad so he gave me a two hour slot and i started claim tapes and i you know i made up my commercial made my own commercials and played the tape and i said hey i got the funky four and you know blah blah at the ticket neck nineteen eighty let's go play the tape and played sixteen minutes of it and everybody's like oh that's hot you paying tapes and then were got around and then next thing you know shock wanted to come on the show 'cause she's on the tape and winnow rahim wanted to come on and then miss the freeze from jesse fire wanted to come on and then keeps keep alley it so just turn i said you know what i'm i'm name to show to get you down hip hop taped show interview i came synopsis that interview all pot cons and play the takes performances park jams of them and on of hip hop icons so i could bridge the gap for what was what was hip hop to what is currently what we at right now so we can bridge the gap generation gap because these these kids don't know.

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