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The first thirty minutes, really good pacing all the worst scenes he actually cut his teeth as a documentary filmmaker leave cartel anti did which I think won the Oscar. So this is I feel. Feld as Ben points out, you know, cartel NFL a feature and this feels like a documentary, and he said, I tried to melt those two aspects together. But I do think the story kind of doesn't really again it carries narrative momentum. It drops you in the right away. Okay. Crusading journalist she's battling personal demons. She goes there. But then there's not enough beyond that. It's it's almost kind of a thin plot. So I think the performances don't carry it enough. And most importantly, my guy Stanley Tucci is in the movie Tucci was on. I've never watched Seth Meyers before. But I was like scrolling through like to Mars great teachers great on Seth marks. He's hype it up private war. He's talking to his married, Emily blunt sister. I'll he's bodies obviously Krinsky is his brother-in-law hangs. And we blend to let time it's straight. He's funny. He just started second family knows I wife passed away. So this is second wife. So he's got kids were like in college age, and he's got young kids as well. I want to see like four and two very really young kids. He's all. Yeah. It makes you feel young. And then you go down to pick them up makes you feel old etc. So I can't go to choose. I love to by the way. It would Seth Meyers introduced him. It's none other ways. I. Describe silly to cheat fingers crossed we ever get standing to. I would say he's the guy from big night and spotlight and the impostors, and he he's described as the guy from devil wears Prada and the hunger games. I mean for the main audience, that's probably more accurate if Tucci ever came to it. I'm not gonna ask you one question. One hundred years. I couldn't tell us devil. Where's prada? I wanna talk spa big night talk imposters once all these other movies, you'd like sure whatever you want to cheese in the movie. It's a glorified cameo. I texted lines I go. Hey, you're right. But through its good movie, Rawson pike awesome. And he goes how great to Macari kidding glorified. Cam. He didn't like ten minutes. He's her love interest after the axed spurns her any honesty gets maybe ten minutes of screen time. I was so upset is great. When he's in the movie, we need a lot more to cheat. So Matthew, you get silly to you're gonna make the guy. I'm hoping he's still in the movie, and I'm like got like these guys like maybe four scenes in the movie, we'd also asked about the lovely bones Salo. Yeah. He did mention that. He goes he's known. He that's exactly described me. He goes. Jelly teaches worked Delaware's Prada, the lovely bones. The Huggins children Macron and asking what the lovely bones. And that's it. And you let salmon girl, right lovely Tiber. Who we had on recently? I'll never forget he criticized Tucci in that movie. He said Stanley Tucci is a very good actor because this is an example of a very good actor giving a very bad performance. Never golden with perfectly creepy. He thought he was overacting in the movie. Now where we get Tiber. Backing okay. I'll never forget you wrote the specific or a very good actor giving a very bad performance. And the only time to cheese been nominated was from the lovely bones. I'm sure he's thrilled with this performance. Kennedy actually noticed me on this creepy killer. I'm like abusive, rapists, all stomach kilt. No doubt. No good. Anyways. That's a private war. I'll give it two and a half because the store I wasn't strong enough. Not nearly up to choose a two and a half ape believes there. So four movies in the books and come up now, by the way, past for do you want to offer a Reckitt rally is laughing and not enough to to you thought that was great exactly half a star lost because not enough to without question without question. Right foot on the you know, what there's a movie poster Adnan Virk, raves Rosman, Pike's, performances brilliant, but not enough to cheat..

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