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Glen ellyn downtown along the lakefront twenty eight degrees. I'm Don clapping in the WGN newsroom. Ready to join the conversation live whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Seven twenty WGN. All right me outta my chair g suit today. Happy Christmas Christmas Eve to you. And everyone out there as well. John hansen. She sukey in for Bill and Wendy till noon that I'm still here for the winters business lunch for Bertrand. So one o'clock now what I wanted to bump in there with 'cause you know, Christmas, I love Christmas music. All I know you do. Everything about it. And I listened to music all the time. But you know, sometimes it can be a little bit more, slow paced. Sometimes it eases you into the Christmas day, even jingle bell rock, you know, as a slight sway in the fingers. But I wanted to get us going strong today. So I love Mannheim steamroller that one. Okay. So. For those. You Don, I'm sure most people now, obviously takes really interesting synthesized looks or full orchestra. Looks all synthesize though into Christmas songs, it's a little quirky. It's a little different. But for some reason, I have an affinity to it. I know exactly why. So as a kid g sukey on Christmas Eve, we would obviously be tasked with all of us cleaning the house 'cause my parents always host growing up my grandmother on my mom's my mom's mom, hosted Christmas Eve, and then they got a little older, and my parents had a little bigger house out in downers grove. And that the man the the mantle was passed to my parents the mantle was passed. I don't know the trophy whatever it was. So my parents started hosting Christmas Eve. So in the morning, we all the three boys. I have two brothers older and younger we were tasked with cleaning the house getting the house ready for, you know, always good to use child labour, especially if it's your own flyer. Did it for his whole morning show. Just to fill time is your kids. Yeah. So what we would do. And this was a big thing when this happened in our house, we got a. Six CD changer. One year, we got this and my dad had installed this it's antiquated as can be now speaker system throughout the whole house, but not like in a fancy house way where they're like imbedded like these were like drilled into the wall the Korge barely ever worked. And it's like you had to adjust the speaker wires to make sure that the connection was good, of course. But anyways on the holidays, we would put my dad would put six CDs of all the Christmas songs that we could find and I think one or two maybe even three of the CDs were Mannheim steamroller Christmas song. So that was what I was always gearing up for as I was sweeping away or vacuum into that was God, rest Mary gentlemen, stole by Mannheim. Steamroller? Well, you wanted to steamroll right into Christmas Eve, we sure did. Absolutely. And that was my favorite day of the year. And I'm excited to be here with you. I never went out there and Jian and the listeners as well. People probably driving around right now getting ready last minute gifts. Maybe maybe to the grocery store leaving the house doing what we did. His kids. The children are cleaning the house put the kids to work. You guys all sit down and listen to and John here on WGN radio feel free to text and call. We'd love to have your conversation as a part of hours because I want to know what you guys are doing. What are you doing as you're getting ready for this Christmas Eve? What's the tradition? Maybe you're doing nothing. Maybe that's what you do. Maybe you don't celebrate Christmas. If you're working today. Some folks are working today a lot of people working on the way. And I was stuck behind a garbage truck for about fourteen minutes, streets and sanitation taking their time through the alleys. But hey, it's a busy day. They gotta work to think about all the tree cleanup. They've gotta go. Gotta go slow for that. Let me see our first responders thank them for their work today. Of course, everybody in the newsroom everybody in the Don clapping for sure hospitals, everything like that. And of course, the hardest working person today Ashley balloon behind the microphone. She. Thumbs up. She's like, I'm not even chiming in here. Thumbs up if all else fails. And you don't end up getting your Chris trees? You don't end up getting your gifts? You can just go to Chinatown tonight and tomorrow, if all else fails, just go there always open twenty four seven that's where you can go and have dinner. Wait released him some. Is that is that? I mean, I remember from Christmas story that that's where Christmas dinner. Yeah. Mostly everybody that doesn't celebrate Christmas ends up in Chinatown the lazy folks that celebrate Christmas. But they didn't really want to cook in Chinatown. Now, you're flying tomorrow to go. See your mom, right? Am I'm going to take a beautiful flight tomorrow. I love lying on Christmas day. I'm going to go to North Carolina here it's cheap on Christmas day. Well, you know, what I bought my ticket pretty late because I'm never prepared. Never know what? And if I always buy with south west. So that way I can adjust my yes. Great proletariate airline a social airline. I loved it. There's no first class. There is no demeaning anyone on that airline. Everyone is of equal status. Anyway. It really is true the socialist airline limit. So yeah, I like to fly on Christmas day because most of the people that.

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