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I'm Sean Delaney. And you're listening to what they're what got you. There is a must follow for entrepreneurs creatives high achievers and change makers each week. I sit down with some of the world's most influential people and focus on the journey behind their success. We uncover the strategy tactics and routines. That help them get their. Now's your journey. So it's time to learn what's going to get you the lady. What got you there with Sean Delaney. Gotcha Dan with the lady. What got you. You want to change the world. Make your make your bad and the whole idea was star with little things the things you can control the things you can do something about and then when you do that little thing then you can another thing another another. You may can keep commitments to your south. That's in your circle of influence and we can't do anything about West happening to us at large. We can do a little bit about it in our in our environment in our world in our in our circle of influence we've got to keep our focus in that inner circle of influence as we do that it will.

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