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The game but it was not the uh was being managed the same way so i don't think the dollar's were matching up with where closers wrecked but bag not offseason an oh six the giants tried to get a couple of guys to replace bonds in the lineup before they got zito or to help bonds in his final year of a seven they when they tried to get a affonso soriano who was a free agent and then the cubs swooped in and he took one forty milf from them they tried to get a carlos lee l kabai bio the big 100milliondollar leftfielder he was a houston astro prior to that of texas ranger nishikata excuse me chicago white sox so they tried to make a few other moves and then of course they missed out on gary matthews junior and vernon wells and a couple of other guys ended up with aaron rohan so it seemed that the giants were a little gunshy for a handful of years trying to make these big freeze splashes in the offseason in more often than not the big free agent pitcher splashes don't pay off but it's what you've got to play pay at a premium for our pitch so but two weeks ago behind two weeks ago it came out that the giants worry area uh interested in hey otani i didn't think the were going to be players for otani primarily because of uh of word is they stacked up in baseball as far as national and american league went and as far as i don't think the giants were in a position to take a player a prospect like this we really don't know yet how is when it translate they say his arm is a good majorleague army c he was the best hitter in japan he's hitting numbers would say the it is not as good of a hitter as he is a pitcher but he immediately becomes and everyone prospect on the mlb pipeline prospect list to being triggered the angels and he will start the year in the major leagues and there is no word yet on how it is they're going to use him but i'd imagine he's probably going to pitch at least once.

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