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That selling my, car but I wanna hear about it ever. Again he, said being a, neighbor I know him wanna hear about it again I said well son she owned her fault, you shouldn't have sold it to him she'll. Brought it, over here sold, to me that ways out of your laugh And you don't have to mess with it. Again had some people tell me the other day. That their mother was. Trying to sell her car she, invited these people over and it. Was a mess bowl these people were ransacked her house looked at, everything she, got spooked it she had her son come over spend about a week with her. She's scared to come back. And Robert Steeler. Beat her up something you know and you know that Phoenix has. Got a problem with people stealing cars from people he's got cars for. Sale Dallas does too there's, been a couple, of people that was killed over their car so you gotta watch out when you get ready to. Sell a car so you've talked to everybody you've researched it, you, know, what you trade worth. Because you went to learn to buy. And sell cars dot com and you found out what I would give for And so you know exactly where you stand So this is Randy Adams I think, we're gonna take another little quick short break and then we'll be back and we'll talk about more, about the, car business about what's going. On the good the bad and the ugly So you know. Exactly where, you stand in how you're standing don't forget you know it's your hard earned after? Tax money that you're losing only causes pride greed. And keeping. Up with the Jones Jones. Is used to, keep, up, with,.

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