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Stockings. Got elephants Gerald lyrics when it was cooked up by Ella and Basie for their nineteen sixty three collaboration the songbook on WNYC with Paul Cavalcanti. It's a good day. When Peggy Lee comes out of your radio. Good. For saying in a song. And it's a good day for moving along. Yes. Good anything wrong. Good. A good day. Said to the sun. You gotta get. Can you? A good day. Take a deep. It was a good day for monitor. Shined. Bill. Good. Dave. From this. Two. Homeless. From this. Did. From this moment. All you got. Leaves so much. Got is. Got the sweet lips to kiss me. Goodnight. This moment. This small. Got it. So much. Skin. I loved. Oh. Got the sweet lips to kiss me. Me and kiss me kiss me. Tom this Malone. It was just one of those. Just one. Raise it. One of those bells that now just one of those things. It was. One of those nights. Just one of those fabulous flights. The moon on gossamer wing. He jazz one of those things. We thought a bit. The end of it when we. We'd have been aware that our love was too hot not cool down. So good. Bye. Bad. Hoping we meet now, then it was great. It was just one of those. Now. Jazz one of those bells now and then rings jazz one of those. Him to Lhasa wing jazz. Those. If we thought a bit of the end of it when we aiding the towel. We'd have been aware. How was too hot not down? So good. Bye. Dear. Here is hoping we'd be now it was great. House one. Couple.

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