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Up in Congress are calling G. O. a good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott of the Katie okay new center this is Oklahoma's first news a cold day ahead our forecast is coming up a gradual Democrats are already calling the president's proposed budget dead on arrival John decker reports president trump expressing optimism that an infrastructure spending deal can be done this year which will provide a boost to the white house's budget projections we're doing a big infrastructure potential deal we need obviously we need help from we need the votes of Democrats the White House projects the economy will grow by an average of three percent a year of all of its proposals are adopted the administration forecast is considerably higher than the estimate from the Congressional Budget Office that GDP will grow an average of one point seven percent over the next decade the agenda unveiled yesterday by state house Democrats includes more criminal justice reform representative Collin walkie of Oklahoma City says Democrats want to reform the cash bail system if you can't afford bail in your in jail for the same reason for somebody who can post bond the only difference is a matter of well and well should not decide justice Democrats say other priorities for the new legislative session include education the economy and healthcare state lawmakers hope to encourage more doctors to practice in rural Oklahoma house bill thirty eight twenty three would let doctors who practice in rural communities claim a twenty five thousand dollar tax credit starting next year under a bill passed by the state house yesterday all share of saying.

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