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School, you went and worked at local call center made a few bucks in the summer, and then went back to school, and that's just how it was exactly. I mean it is, it is absolutely brutal. It's brutal and and when I. When I do it I have to ask for twenty eight hundred bucks, so it's not. It's not like I can. You know I'm cold. Calling people like asking them. If they're interested in a product, right, it's it's it's. I am I'm cold, calling people and asking them to contribute twenty eight hundred bucks or fifty six hundred bucks campaign, and so if you think people were defensive when you call them out of the blue, almost I mean I've never gotten a phone. Call a cold call from someone in. Of course. This is great. This is a great time to talk. I'm definitely not in the middle of dinner I'm definitely not trying to put my grade down to bed I'm definitely not on a conference call, please. Let's have a long conversation in intimate conversation with a stranger and then add that you know hey I also twenty eight hundred bucks. Support. It's. Out! People off of a like a registration list or like. Actually calling, so you know okay, so I try to compete as a you know when you're in the middle of the pandemic, and you're a challenge, right? It's always tough for a challenger to run a campaign down. Because incumbents already have the infrastructure, they already have the contacts. They already have the fundraisers. All this stuff already lined up. I've got to build it all from scratch. So I always say I've got to compete on a different level I've gotta get creative and compete on a level where my opponent doesn't even know. A game is going on right, and so what I do is, there's there's. There's federal election. Commission reports right FCC reports every donation to every candidate. Democrat and Republican completely public I'd go through those reports nicely. Oh, I look at how much I highlight, the name and I try to track down. Find Him and call him. You know if they've donated in the past. That's that's a candidate that could potentially donate again. Yes, and there are people across the country, and certainly here in Pennsylvania were running that sort of are in the fight all the time, and they give a lot, and you'll see their names over and over again in different reports two different candidates. You know what this is what I try to convince people all the time you're not. It's not like I'm calling it A. I'm not asking for money. It's about the movement. It's about the future of the country. It's about what you want this country to be like for your kids. Are you willing to spend a dollar? Right to invest in that future that you want for your spats? That's the sale. That's the ask right because again everybody that I talked to even even like these political pundits that go on TV and talk about this stuff for a living Ryan. They think well. How much is. Is the RNC giving you nothing none they get nothing. It's all on me in so you know outside groups Ryan might come in and spend money super PACs, but as a candidate I have no awareness of what you. It's illegal me to to communicate with with the super, so I have no idea what outside groups are doing many. The commercials that you see on TV are from outside groups unless candidate has a a a routine in a strong ability to raise money on on on the road. You know and that's really what I'm doing. I spend the lion. Share my time during this guy. Just trying to raise money and get people on board with the movement. Yet which which in addition to all that she said, asking people to invest right now is even that much more difficult because there's a lot of people struggling you guys out of work, and and they've been furloughed or some sort of assistance and there isn't. There isn't as much spare money discretionary income that there was six months ago. For example, you're one hundred percent correct. I mean that's why this pandemic throw has been uniquely challenging a lot of different ways. You know one for the country the fact that we haven't faced a global pandemic like this one hundred plus years you know. We've never brought our twenty trillion with a t plus economy to a complete stop ever in our history. We're asking the healthy to stay home. That's the first time that's ever happened when dealing with a plague or global pandemic. Typically, we have a you know in in. In, pandemic responses passed. We've always quarantined never the. Though and then. Right Yes absolutely, and then add to that that I feel like bait on whether we should reopen or not has become politically charged, and that ain't right. Bro, that is not right. You know people are. In, this is typically I'm general. I'm I'm speaking generally speaking here, you know. The Democrats are in the lockdown in perpetuity crowd, Republicans like let's reopen and reopen safely. that. First of all we should be doing what's right for the people and no one should be looking down their nose at the freaking oil and gas worker who works out here in western Pennsylvania, who can't break in work from home right and he can't access this antiquated unemployment system that we got here in the state. Why because it's overwhelmed people in my region they work with their hands man. They're outside. They're working on oil and gas rigs there working in manufacturing the working in steel steel fire coal power plants. These people can't put food on the table for their family Ryan in every day I'm hearing from them, saying I've burnt through my life saving Sean. I don't know what the hell to do, and you know when the dust settles from this Hammock and and I you know it's going to settle soon, I think we're going to learn lots of different things,.

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