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Leave out adoption. We don't always tell people like repent regenerated be adopted in to be a child of God and you kind of alluded that there every day. I'm on I'm on twitter and I started doing like a daily tweet. I just I was. I was anti twitter. I just didn't know how it works because it's different facebook. How it is better for me. I've never been able to get into. We have one but I never use it but I started putting being a little more. Twitter savvy in my twitter game comes up but I I sort of putting out a daily one. That's had just repent and believe repent and believe the Gospel. And then somebody said well. Can you explain that more and was it? It was I think Ted Rosenblatt. Who's a Lutheran Minister? I believe but We can listen to Lutheran brothers there. Some of these salad and So he kind of changed it a little bit and I've been I've been sharing that so this repents and believe the gospel of Christ died and rose from the dead for centers by name. He did all the work necessary to rescue you from how and bring you eternal life with him. Believe it turned to Christ and live so that just brief definition of what it means to repent and believe the gospel so we have that turning to Christ and we have the explanation. He died for centers by name which is crazy that he died for you and me. He Knew Our Name when he's on the Cross. He's dying for James Watkins. He's dry dying for Darryl Updike. He knows all our sins. He took that upon him and he did all the work necessary. So his his active life of obscene looseness was for me and he rescued me and you and all by name who believe from hell to bring us to eternal life with him to to adopt us. Oh God the father can adopt us and then believe it calling people to believe it is a form of turning from what they believe now to believe this turned to Christ and live. Amen Amen. Well obviously being we. We just can't capture this entire thing in a forty five minute episodes however long unfortunately at Subject worthy of returning to Again I think I think it's worthy for me to continue studying that other side to gain a little bit more understanding Again I don't WanNA misrepresent anybody. I don't WanNA misrepresent the position. This is what I've gotten from the study that that I've had the conversations that I've had with people who hold this I do think it could be very concerning. I do believe that it slips heavily into anti NOMI ANISIM. It seems to allow room for justification for sin in In your life and a bail amount against that Greece may abound meant the guys from five solas dropping pennies on the floor seeing if there's a jusoh rappaport of the rappaport featured at checkout his daily and weekly podcasts. He did that. So we could get a plug. Blazing gentlemen comes happens. When you're g three anyone can just pop up to the Mike Love. It's love but Lazio what we're GONNA do now is I again. I did have a conversation with Dr. James are white are the real James White O- on this subject of repentance just kind of a quick little conversation that we had ten minutes or so on this conversation so I'm about to put it at the very end of this episode but ladies and Gentlemen I Would Proclaim The gospel of Jesus Christ that we are all centers blasphemers adulterers murderers at heart. Who Desperately Need Eternal Life? You need to place your faith in. Jesus Christ why? Because if not you'll go to hell you will pay for your center all turn own your own accord you need to repent you need to change your mind about who God is you need to place your faith in him and everybody just has such a terrible terrible need for savior and that is all that we hope. The Hooker proclaim. We are saved by nothing less than Jesus blood in his righteousness. He is absolutely everything he is sufficient in. Our shirts is not found in and of ourselves. It is found only in him but lazy. Gentlemen this is James Watkins with the fossils. Podcast here with Mr Narrow Updike all right ladies. This has been a fun episode. I've enjoyed doing it. That you were edified escorts a lot of conversation. Not Controversy. Had No desire to offer controversy. I have no desire to be divisive. I just say this is a topic. We need to discuss Again looking here at my beautiful bobble posted or sluts. Jeffrey Rights. You Guys. Please check the amount Give a listen to the other podcasts on the Christian podcast community. What are we even doing here? Podcast with Mr Daryl and Karen Updike Rap report apologetic slob. So you WANNA be a podcast or the other forty six podcasts. Andrew Rappaport host We we have a lot on their Christian podcast community dot Org Melissa and something for everyone in laze jump in here. Is the interview that I did with. Dr James Are White. Thank you very much for listening and make all that you do being done to the gory of God. Welcome everyone to the five. Solas podcast this is your host James Watkins and I am thrilled to have you all listening and very thrilled with the person that I have sitting right next to me. A person that I have admired throughout my Christian walk someone that has been very influential in my walk whenever I converted from an atheist and come into Christianity and started learning sound doctrine and that person is the doctor. James Are White Dr White. Thank you for joining me to that. Good to be with you. So you're white. I'm GONNA keep this kind of short. This is going to be a special episode of the podcast that you've got a lot of pressure to do. I've still got a sermon to prepare having started but I'm not. I'm not finished it. Well I'm not going to keep you too long. Just have a kind of a a subject that I want to touch on are sitting here whenever you did the interview with Eddie Roman and you made a very simple point repent and believe so. I want to dive into this word repentance. 'cause I'm kinda seeing stuff coming up with that. Maybe we should not tell people to repent So just to kind of start it out this word in the Greek manorial. What exactly does this word mean? Well I mean it. Basically has the has the meaning of a a reversal of one's direction. And so if you're going one direction than you you turn away from that and you go the other direction and so when you attach it to talk the concept of sin it is a fundamental rejection of idolatry or whatever the send you may be involved with and turning away from that any turning towards something else and so it was central to the message of Jesus. It was central to the message of the apostles. You're not the first person today. Who's actually asked me this question that there are people who are specifically arguing that if you use the term repentance. You're confusing law and Gospel. I don't know how you can possibly even define Gospel without the concept of repentance and if preaching repentance means that you're confusing long Gospel then Paul and the Apostles and Jesus Confused Long Gospel There are commands in the Gospel. And if you if you go so far as to say that any command means you are giving law rather than Gospel that I think. You've fundamentally misunderstood the categories. It's it's one thing to recognize that the law's intention Can NEVER BE TO JUSTIFY. The law was never intended. Justify the law's intention is to lead US unto Christ That we might be saved by grace through faith. That's fully understandable. That doesn't mean the law does not then not have a function within the Christian Life. It very very clearly but that does not mean that the law is not used by God for example as a restrained against the ungodly and it does not mean that you cannot bring the law to bear to. We live amongst people who though they have the law upon their hearts because they're made the image of God Have been given a world view that fundamentally says there is no revelation from God by which you can understand what is sin and what is not said and so the idea that we have to communicate. Is that because God is God and because God is the one who gets to define what is right and wrong that there is a need to turn.

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