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A simon uh cowl yet he would say you sound like a cruise ship singer well we know on our ship bliss yeah norwegian bliss we've seen the best singers in the world there amazing we're going to we're going to kidnap saima cal and force him to come aboard 'cause we got great great performers now so when i was flying up from new york to la to come up with the iheart radio music awards i had my i had my my beats headphones and i had my iphone i was listening to music i'll listen to the new logic album bobby tarantino to yeah which is fabulous he's got so many collaboration on their to chains big sean wiz khalifa it's all wrapped and you loved it love how does this patty mouth it's it's phil rajic's album amin e even if you're not a fan of rap you should listen to the album he does a fantastic job in his collaborations for great yet you know what else i spent a lot of time with and you're going it's really from one extreme to the other the greatest showman sound travel incredible soundtrack i've found my wedding song on the what was one well first of all i have to find some would asked me to marry i'm sure i was going to say which one okay i love listening to bat soundtrack when i'm getting ready to go somewhere because i feel it is just such a power a power soundtracks such a great thing in this one of the good things about being stuck on a plane for five and a half hours thank you jet by the way that was a great fly you know what i watched shape of water it how was it i really enjoyed it i'm not gonna lie there are a couple of cheesy moments where i was just like okay really this is really stupid but for the most part i cried i was getting excited i was like yelling at the screen telling the you know what was going on to stop so i really enjoyed it was called the glady next to me she started the movie later than i did but she watched the same movie and she kept peaking.

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