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Not so much for Packers fans so Vikings fans y'all can decide what side of the line you're on. Did you want Tom Brady to go to another Super Bowl? Do you hate the Packers so much that you would rather see the Patriots win? Not the Patriots. Whoa! Tom Brady win with the Buccaneer Scott that was a blast from the past. Or, um or you sad about Aaron Rodgers. Now you all know where I stand in this. How do you feel for him? Maybe peace among is very, very okay. Okay. Sad and very dark. I haven't spoken to my father yet today. No, and I'm frankly concerned about his well being, so I'm hoping that he's doing okay. I'm sorry. Dark today. So close. Does it surprise you? I mean this because there's not a lot going on in entertainment. This is entertainment. This is probably what's on everybody's mind this morning. So let me ask you if you could put on your Take off your Packers Bias Cheese hat. What is this? Say to you about Tom Brady? The fact that he is the goat, and that's a big bummer for those of us who really like Aaron Rodgers. Better? Yeah. Yeah, but Giselle Bundchen, celebrating as Tom Brady and the Buccaneers advanced to Super Bowl 2021. Giselle is, of course, the supermodel who is Tom Brady's wife, and this will be his 10th Super Bowl and she was gushing about him on Instagram. We love and are so proud of you, Papa. They have two kids together. And then he also has a 13 year old son with Bridget Moynahan. Who? I don't know if you guys saw it after the game, he walked right to the stands. And he said, Hey, I want to see my son and then his son Jack, who's 13 walk down. And gave him a hug. He like got up to the stands. They were playing Atlanta It is really sweet. I don't know, but I hear Yeah. Area. Well, yeah. I mean, if you're a Packers fan, you obviously wanted a different outcome. And Vikings. Yes. I don't know you Vikings fans. Some hate the Mariners so much that they never want them to win. They would rather have the Packers lose no matter what happens. Even if it involves Tom Brady going to another Super Bowl. Bridget Moynahan, By the way, Who is Tom's acts and the mother of his son? Also posted a congratulations. Oh, nice. Good there. Yeah, see, But how can things get better? For Tom Brady? How could things get more perfect. He's so perfect, and he has home field advantage, Which is history, making exactly right. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will play in the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay coming and I only knew that cause I read that I had. No, I'm impressed. That's really good. No, don't be impressed. I read it on a sheet. What do you guys think about this couple? This is kind of interesting. Kourtney Kardashian dating Travis Barker. Were Lee. Yes. Okay. Yeah, It's bothering people. 1 82. It's bothering people like our digital. Uh, Digital Queen Hanna. It disturbs her so much, she said. She's refusing to post the story on our night talk social account, which cracked me up. Don't remember him. I mean, he's like, very tattooed. He has an ex wife, Shanna Moakler, and they did a reality show together to remember that I do and they have They have two kids together. And then he has a stepdaughter from that relationship who is very close to two. So, um, I mean, you know they're everybody's co parenting with everybody in this situation, but it's It's kind of an interesting Couple, But he you know, he was like at that time when they did that reality show he was this super tatted up like hardcore looking rocker guy, And then he was very sweet. So it was sort of a funny juxtaposition for back then, you know, you know, tattoos have like an evolution right back then. Even in like Early two thousands. It was like, Oh, my gosh. What's happening here? Yeah, And you kind of had like this preconceived notion about what he looked like and what he would be like and and I think he broke some Stereotypes down from doing that show. It was cute. Oh, I think so. Too together. We like to link 1 82. So there's another, You know, Touch point. We're like, OK, we like the band. And then, But yeah, I like him and his wife, then wife at the time. It was a fun reality show Itwas but they've been over for a long time. They were together from 2004 to 2008. They So Kourtney and Travis have a pit apparently been dating for about a month. They've been friends for a long time, and he really liked her. For a while. She's been, you know, she isn't dated a ton of people, Maybe just not as openly as Scott Disick. Her ex who's always dating someone who's 19 just hangs out around the high school. It's so creative for graduation lets out. No crazy. Sorry. Age. Great. He just goes to graduation parties for high schools. Yes, that's a stating, you know, another creepy thing. Do you remember when the was just thinking about this the other day? I don't know why this popped into my brain. But when the Olsen twins turned 18 Mary Kate and Ashley. And there were all these green Mike down on Dame Rose like these men created these countdown lot of DJs. It was discussing radio DJs did that. Oh, totally to count down until they turned 18 like then it was legal. And then they could have sex with these girls was that I mean, that's the implication with this. Yes, it's so creepy. Yeah, a little on the U E don't know. Drinking some orange juice. Some tang this orange juice need something. King is also like Tang and sunny d. I mean the marketing campaigns for two in a ring costing. Oh, they told you that those were healthy thing I have to tell you. They're not healthy. Like they said astronauts drink Tang. I love it when you sent with him up there. There aren't any stores. No doctors, a 7 11. If there were, they can get some pretzels and flat cheese. Like going nuts. Somebody shoved into the like food compartment. Yeah, Page six has a story today that the Kelly Clarkson show which in some markets a lot of markets, Ares after Ellen too generous, That's not the case in our market. That it.

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