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A little crush. She's got a big crush, but she, I mean, like, you know, talking about seeing them on TV might hearing about where they're gonna be all of merchandise that was all over the place like she if that is the equivalent. Davy Crockett, fifties. It's crazy. Yeah. I would say that the two frozen in early two thousand ten. Mag- just let it go. I just I just pictured. I just picture mums with their strollers literally running people over to get in lines, meet on Elsa in the morning, magic kingdom. Let me tell you guys. It happened. I worked at. We used to have to hold a rope in front of the crowd in walked them back to fantasy land because people were getting injured from being run over by strollers not joking. I wish I was. Well, no, because I don't. I'm not obviously not a girl, so I don't like the whole Princess craze. I do my favorite Princess, but I would never like if I tried those like I wanna meet on all side be like, you have to wait till the line is like dead. You are not going to. I'm not getting trampled by a bunch of mums because you wanna see us like, yeah, no, I mean, and it was like a floor our way every day back then to meet them. It was insane about the telling you to meet Milano. I don't think that Milan has a meet and greet. She only comes out for the party. Yep. I know. All right, from fix back to David Crockett. So the ballot of David Crockett which everyone knows and it's been stuck in my head proposal like two weeks now. Is the only song ever to be charted on Billboard's top one hundred popular songs at the same time by three different artists. So there was a version by Bill Hayes, the version sung by fess Parker, and then another one by Ernie Ford, Tennessee, Ernie Ford's in Serey. So then I found this article that like was a fact checking of the ballad of Davy Crockett. So. Like it says he was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee. He was actually born on the banks of the Nullah Truckee river, which is not far from runs through really. And then it says that he killed a bear when he was only three. I'm sorry bar when he was only three turns out there's no evidence that he did that did ever claim to do so. But he did grow very skills, skillful hunter, bear hunting was kind of his trademark in his political campaigns, which is like, hilarious. That would never fly any other time than like now back then it's just like, can you imagine some, I don't give you imagined Obama going up there and being like a marine. Hundred people being like, yeah. Did he fight single-handed against the creek Indians? He volunteered to fight, but he was a smaller unimportant part of the creek war. Also, part of his legend is that he was a defender. Indian rights is true up to a point. He did vote on the right side of the issue in congress against Andrew Jackson's Indian removal Bill that was passed in resulted in the trail of tears. So he really was a friend to native Americans. Did he serve spell in congress, fixing up the government in laws in takeover Washington, he did go to congress and serve three terms. He was a well known figure because he came to symbolize the frontier, but he didn't get anything done. Really? Yes. Tim doesn't own subscription. My face. See, keep putting David Crockett on blast man a sorry. I mean he was. He was actually were putting the ballot on blast the ballot on blast. Yeah, clearly it was starting to pay cash tag belt on blast. So did they need him at the Alamo? He was volunteer of the song movie imply. He went to Texas to fight in Texas revolution, but that's not the case he went because all his life us moving west in search of better land, better opportunities. He had lost his reelection in congress, went back to ten see, but he can't stay in one place for very long. So he ended up going to Texas. Listen to fight, ended up in the limo, and that's how he died on March six of eighteen thirty six quote. Probably Elmo is the reason remember remember him today because it's a hugely important event in both the history and the mythology of Texas in Crockett was at the time the most famous person there..

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