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Radio fella another hot October day with an afternoon high of 89 Keep in mind the average that some of the years in the mid eighties And just enough humidity for a 10% rain chance that most of us will stay dry with a mix of sun and clouds and warm again overnight with lows in the low to mid seventies. Tomorrow, a 10% ranges has a weak cold front arrives still warm tomorrow at 89, just a little less human for Saturday in the voting forecast a east winds becoming north of 5 to 10 knots and season 2 FT. I'm back to venerate meteorologists, Li Span the UV index is six right now. Partly cloudy 77 degrees in ST Petersburg, 70 in Plant City and 73 at your severe weather station news radio fella. Next update at 6 15 on Chris Trunk man. Thiss is AM Tampa Bay, kicking back and talking to Jack Harris and Aaron Jacobson on news radio. W F L A Has little on sex. You got our Babes in here. If he doesn't really like that, then you're here to keep him in check. Jack, Katie and Natalie are in here too. And so if you want to get in here, give us a call at 809 69. 9352 but 11 minutes after Let's see how our peregrinations progressing Here in Allah. John Thomas from the mossy saw Traffic Center I to 75 through Penelas and Hills Road running clear I 75 North and South. It's the same story. This.

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