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You're not doing this for cock a woman why are you doing it oh simple fart wide gets his princess i get what i want with the ford road it's far quark wide okay fart water lauding they gave him you happy tracking in our by now with a scottish or irish accent that her and then he had there is probably do it without it it sounds off the voice doesn't match the what i'm envisioning because we know now run yeah it chris farley is that was like a real life shrek is the big yeah yeah which is matt come on what do you want i don't have time to set it to music all it is another one of those onions things no this is one of those drop it and leave me alone things well left yeah what did you hear the what shrek watts going back to anything else l to adriano it's like mike myers was born for that role oh yeah that's how holy change that dared you're totally right i'm sorry this a second time i've had to apologise today holler at chris farley recorded ninety percent of his parts and then he died so that ongoing should have going on with it impersonator of chris farley they decided note mike myers will just be shrek fouls are all ho ya chris for all these other last movie was beverly hills nagia narrowing ragged way to go out i'll always remember chris farley and yeah guy that died after twice hattricks wezi four there on strict dance on saturday night live the chippindale there are so toward on who together what is patrick swayze ripped up and then it was too so well he so much passion chris brown did address episode 1 time magazine that's what he was giving away the chippindale oh yeah and in for halloween a couple of times i've been tommy boy that is the his role in tommy boy there you go the triads chris farley right here being take that as a cleveland will take as a gun the only thing is he's dead and now so you might now well here's was address o j's why saying that you're gonna gonna i have the drugs it might have been a combination of everything i just want you to.

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