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I get me allowance next week and that's what top economics that's what top entrepreneurship that's what taught me it wasn't how much you get paid per hour value you can generate sorry took that and i went to the lens called economics i went to smu i had mentors and imagine you're me you're just some kid you're selling things from dormitory you're selling five hundred dollars day or the stuff which got all the other kids pissed off and then you're thinking how do i skill my business i got to be able to teach other people i've got to be able to expand the amount of shopping that i can do and i realized that mentorship was actually the key because i knew how to get the grades i was on full scholarship i ran track and field one that kind of thing but the thing that i was missing which i think entrepreneurs need to realize you're so busy in the execution day to day try and optimize your business look at the traffic ppc whatever it is that you forget the people side and it wasn't until i got al casey who is a ceo of american airlines took me aside said this money opened some opportunities for you let me introduce you to the ceo of morgan stanley let me get you a job at it i actually my first real job was actually american airlines that's how i got this whole thing that pissed off a lot of people because i can always run to the ceo nor community get mad at me but it was a combination of that mentorship against the math that really made things happen for me and actually if it wasn't for the fact that people open doors for me i wouldn't have gotten an opportunity to work at yahoo that yahoo thing wouldn't have been escalated into doing with facebook ads and all digital stuff like working with you guys so i have so many questions for you we're friends who would like to ask those not just on the interview but from four thousand books read from running analytics yahu and having that experience at american airlines and now working with billion dollar clients.

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