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I think that before she realized that she was slipping away she died with the phone in her hand so i believe she was even reaching out for help if you're going to call something a suicide you really should have some basis some clinical history destitute ticket we're in homicide or murder doesn't have to say who she learns that welcome to part nine of the killing of alan monroe i'm your host jackie moran in the last episode we heard how in the early hours of august fifth nineteen sixty two the world's most famous actress had been found her housekeeper eunice murray naked and unconscious on her bed surrounded by empty pill bottles and clutching her telephone by the time sergeant clemens of the LAPD arrived at around four thirty AM she was long dead on the bed marilyn was arranged on the exact same position of one of those lots of her body and that nude calendar clemens said in this episode we will see how in the days and weeks following maryland's death the uncertainties and disorders surrounding her demise were increase and with them mounting evidence that foul play was involved the confusion began almost from the moment maryland's body was discovered when marilyn monroe died interesting fact her body lay in the morgue unclaimed because she didn't have family it was kind of like well should her lawyer claim it should press agent claim it should her made claim it who's going to claim her body joe demise yo flu claimed her body and made the arrangements for her funeral and paid for it and patriarch crept otherwise who knows what would have happened to her maryland was taken to the los angeles county coroner's office where an autopsy was performed to try to find out exactly how and why she died assigned to perform the actual autopsy sunday morning was dr thomas noguchi japanese-born surgeon who had moved to the united states in one thousand nine hundred eighty two ironically about six years later on july six nineteen sixty eight it was the same doctrine noguchi than the chief medical examiner for los angeles county who performed the autopsy on robert kennedy drew's assassination at the ambassador hotel doctrine iguchi was not simply trying to establish the cause of marilyn's death but to determine the manner of her death it's an important distinction as forensic pathologists zero wacked explains my experience as a forensic pathologist back to nineteen sixty two during which time i've done about twenty thousand top sees every viewed signed off or sucralose out forty thousand others medical examiners coroners have to deal with manner of death not only caused deaths doctors and hospitals of regular cases just just fill out a death certificate putting down causes death and coroners medical examiners you have additional boxes one of which is to be checked and the man route thirty five of them in decreasing order of frequency of occurrence natural accidents suicide homicide our undetermined marilyn monroe was the most famous woman in america and her sudden shocking death had made headlines worldwide everybody wanted to know what happened and so dr new gucci naturally was determined to be thorough in his examination gucci removed her kidneys and intestines for further study he announced at the time these specimens are vital in determining the mode of death without them we can only indulge in speculation don't you take material from the stomach whatever's there and from the blood and from the liver you take the material from the i six ten inches or so of the small intestine and then similar from the next twelve inches or so on and you do that that kind of said mental analysis we'll give you an idea whether the drug may have been taken sporadically intermittent employee as opposed to one large dose that would be the case with a suicide specimens were turned over to the mortgage chief toxicologist aiman j. abernathy who ran tests only on the blood and liver not on the other organs removed junction gucci quite properly collected those take materials from the stomach and small intestine submitted into the toxicology lab there at the emmys office however when dr gucci returned to the lab to pick up the results he was told something very surprising current is it took samples from specimens of physical specimens that was supposed to be analyzed and they were all of a sudden and missing when the gucci days later approached abernethy for the test results he was shocked when he was told that the body parts had been disposed of because abernathy felt that no other tests are needed tissue samples that could have been proved how the drugs were administered to marilyn and somebody took the specimens and i'm down the toilet but this was crucial evidence in the laboratory based tests of the autopsy simply vanished so there was no laboratory work of the woman's to be lost even more rare for them to be accidentally discarded and then when you're talking about a major celebrity like marilyn monroe.

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