Vince, Congress, Mike Pompeo discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


Bond spreads the dollar conceded earlier gains from betterthanexpected i assume services pm and the euro ended higher after ecb officials said the june fourteen meeting maybe a live debate on qe exit brazil's re i extended losses after the central bank bolstered efforts to shore up the currency while mexico's peso fell to the lowest in a year as nafta was seen being delayed a head australia first quarter gdp forecast to accelerate by two point eight percent japan wage worth for april expected to slow after march india's central bank forecast is a whole rates and super tuesday's arrived in the us voters in eight states head to the polls the main event california from the first word breaking news desk i'm vincent signal and you can hear live breaking news on the bloomberg terminal function is s q u a then the green go key right now futures in chicago for the nikkei show kind of a flat opening mentioned earlier the shareholder meeting at tesla going on right now in california and we're getting indications that the first gigafactory for the company outside the us will be ready for it shanghai nineteen past the hour san francisco is next for an update on global news ed baxter's there eddie wow a lot of tentacles on that one it is official kim trump's summit will be held next week on sentosa island near singapore us secretary of state mike pompeo already they're coordinating with singapore fficials the us congress demanded to be part of any treaty or agreement with the north air china set to resume regular flights between beijing npr yang after a six month hiatus the latest sign that maximum pressure campaign may be easing flights resuming later today as vince said eight us states holding primary elections today he said the spotlight on california also on new jersey but california is a key to tipping the balance of the house but if that's the happened the process is being muddled by the new california crazy top two system of election voters voted in and right now it's really muddling some of the some of the races are meanwhile southern california officials turning to data scientists for help in spotting suspicious trends they say that they're worried russia will seek to meddle in this year's mid term elections and china urging the us.

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