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E l d you picked do you have spotty bluetooth connections monthly fees or log data transfer issues well video roadlog d has your back it's available with no monthly fees and only roadlog lets you transfer logs by wireless usb or instant paper printout plus with our free software updates you'll never worry about paying more down the line to stay compliant find your video roadlog ld at video roadlog dot com that's video roadlog dot com i'm here with a uniroyaltrucktires engineer the talk about the uniroyal ls twenty four steer all position tire yes the ls twenty four has decoupling grooves and microsiping i don't know what any of that means but it fights your regular wear right yes you could've just said that the uniroyal ls twenty four has what smart truckers want without the high price visit uniroyaltrucktires dot com today drugged drivers do you ever find yourself singing along with the radio you down the highway do you have a challenge for singing overdrive magazine and red eye radio looking for truckers to enter the fifth annual trucker talent search singing contest visit trucker talent search dot com where you can enter by filling out a form and entering a youtube link to a video of you sing it the video can.

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