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Welcome back to trustee ranch complete played element Whitney Trotsky Trent on Jero Welcome. Back to Trotsky ranch complete player development body tools make up. We have our guests from the Kansas. City. Royals player development DSL Dominican. Summer League Jeff. Diskin Jeff. Honor to have you on the show we another segment here with you. So let's keep moving I wanNA talk a little bit specifically about actual player development. I think that people understand now kind of a little bit about the DSL the timeframe the ages knew what it looks like. If you could talk a little bit about because when we think of. The twenty seven percent will the majority of those players in the big leagues that twenty seven percent of the foreign born players come from the Dominican Republic. What are they doing that you've noticed? How many years have you been in the Dominican? I've been going there since two thousand, eight up in worked with the rose to other since two thousand, thirteen case you have a good history that I've been down there for almost twenty years. And their style of training has definitely influenced me as a coach I mean tremendously and. When you look in the big leagues, some of the best young players, some of the best overall players are Dominican hitters. They're also when you think of Armstrong and you think of pitchers, you think velocity you think of healthy arms you think of durable arms you think of arms with velocity you think of Latin America, you think of Dominican players and yes in in America. We have. You know we have some great pictures too but it's it's like a it's like a system like what have you noticed that they do because we talked already about throwing and my strengthen Dominican Republicans throwing year round they play catch your around. They're not necessarily competing year round, and that's one of the problems here in the US they're competing we have tournaments January. February march April goes all through the summer to the fall to the winter bagging new the spring I mean it's nonstop. So if you can elaborate a little bit on your opinion even from maybe the royal standpoint and also your experiences a coach from the throwing tool right now. This clarify one thing real quick, nate. About Twenty, eight percent of major league players are are international. But the fifteen percent are Dominican. Right fifteen or twenty eight, Dominican. So it's actually the grown up playing baseball this in it's changing a little bit now. But for the most part they just play. They play baseball they truly play baseball and an AIDS playing catch. It's and it's a really as a trainer they're focused on the five tools. There's a huge tremendous emphasis. On. The fire tools because that is. As. People know or don't know but the the. Gone over our trainer when he trains a player. They train them for free investing investing their time and their resources in despair with the hopes that he will sign. And once he signs, then we'll get a percentage of what he's science for for the United. States we all of our money up front. We paid for the lessons to travel Bob front that we signed or go to college at all hours. America, can't afford to do that. So it's kind of flipped. The. Invest in the players. Player signs that they give him. They give him a percentage of the side for Sorority get signed. The trainers are the discounts they have to develop the tools. Of of the players. and. One thing about the players is your best athletes and then make Republicans are playing baseball which I we got some of our best athletes are baseball here but not all our best athletes prime baseball here. So they're all their best athletes are playing baseball there, and they just work on the tools disrupt. Rep Rep Rep. Rep. And they played Tetris softballs, they hit Hit heavy balls or softballs as well. Anything do they don't have jams? The anything that creates a resistance training is out of the work that they do. So that functional strength Israel because when you think about a lot of American athletes, they're big strong muscles in and you know I'm I'm an athlete that plays different sports. When I think of cross training, even think about even someone's shooting a bow and Arrow you know there was this national Artist I don't know if that's the exact word but she was on the national team and she was overweight she didn't have one muscle on her body and she could pull the Bobak at one hundred and twenty pounds which most grown men can't pull back over ninety pounds. Hundred pounds I mean she's pulling back to shoot the most own. Her Dad can't pull a backer in her two brothers camp pullback and she doesn't have any should any physical strength in the sense of going to the weight room in looking at the physical appearance. So when you think of development, we're talking functional strength, which is number. One and they're also climbing trees right there climbing trees they're working around that far they're working in the yard they're using their hands, their core they're developing. The small muscles are are are out beets are going to school, which is great but they're sitting at the computer sitting watching video games, playing video games, and they're out in the streets playing using your muscles and they have this durability and you don't necessarily when you look at these these Latin American players, you don't see this big physical stature like we'll see maybe in the states, it's long as lucid lane, but it's functional right in those arms have durability. If. Actual strength is spot on but I do it with with burying their has the sand and trying to extend their hands. They do rights, buckets, they create all this functional strength without having to go out and buy by thousand sets do with make do with with what they have. It's one.

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