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Not necessarily those of the owners, banishment employers advertisers of WCBS him but they should be the Tom Moore show, is sponsored by HP. M productions, welcome, to the Tom Moore show four one zero nine two, two. Six six eight oh lots of things to talk about we want to talk about John McCain a true hero was celebrated today and we'll be put to rest tomorrow in the. Naval academy Aretha Franklin and other superstar. In her own right then lots. Of things to talk about with Donald Trump he cancels pay raises for federal employees at the same time he's giving away billions of dollars to the farmers to because of his tariffs He, claims that NBC has fudged the tape where he admitted that he was he fired Muller fired Komi because. Of the Russian Vesta Gatien that and. Other things in the, Tom Moore show at four one zero nine two two six six eight zero Talkradio six eighty WCBS get ready for the real deal Baltimore time now, for, the, Tom, Moore show More short for what. Oh nine two.

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