Washington, Mark Rosenberg, President Trump discussed on Morning Edition


From npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly florida international university is holding a moment of silence this afternoon for the six people killed in last week's collapse of a newly installed pedestrian bridge the victims were in vehicles crushed by the nine hundred fifty tonnes structure as it fell onto a six lane road at a stoplight in miami the school says the bridge gave way hours after engineers met with state and university officials to discuss cracking in the structure at that meeting they concluded the cracking was not a safety concern mark rosenberg is f i use president we have a sense of urgency about getting to the bottom of this accident and we are cooperating and assisting with authorities that investigators say they don't yet know if the cracking played a role in the bridge collapse president trump will be in new hampshire today to unveil his threepart plan to combat opioid addiction anthony brooks with member states wbz you are reports i prevention including a strategy to rain in the over prescribing of opioids second expanding evidence based treatment and third stepping up law enforcement and drug interdiction including cracking down on international drug cartels the president who has previously called for the death penalty for high impact drug dealers will do so again in new hampshire when he lays out his plan the president speaks in manchester i'm dave mattingly in washington and i'm richard hake on wnyc in new york the de blasio administration is urging haitian and salvadorian new yorkers to reregister for an immigration program to avoid lapses in.

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