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Black good the bob johnson rate them really important i sorry while iguodala question you asked me earlier about this new found author tips for an four goals last night seven air tonight is it a trend a little bit of a limb here i it's it's very well could be a health on energy feeling about the way these guys have persevered through this one pave skated well they skate they fought alertly throughout this weekend series i know i'm going to be the only one talking about the flu bug that ran through the team but i i guess because i had about two really bad weeks of a cold myself thinking how cloudy my head was for two weeks and was very apparent to you putting those listening but uh they just look a heck of a lot different here now i don't think they're playing the green and see right now i i was surprised i we we're going to see a little badgered better badger team that we have this weekend but this is a great lift for them they certainly have play games like we haven't seen them string together in quite a while but next weekend will be a better tests they're going to logan's the better team i think ohio stay up but but i really think it it could be the start of a good trend well i don't think they've over achieve this weekend no idle neither we've had weekend suites already this year in fact in series play the overs vuk picked up five series sweep this year i think this has been the most complete of all five that's a good point to this point gap.

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