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To come on in and run the government for him and i think we're going to see who knows sean hannity may be the new chief of staff martha maccallum i mean there's going to be jobs for everybody i don't know how they're going to get the shows on the air anymore at fox but that really seems to be what trump is hitting your and i don't even think he's picking boat because he's a hard liner i think he's picking him because he's on tv and ned john bolton could not get confirmed by the senate when george w bush nominated him to be ambassador to the united nations so the president of then installed him through a a recess appointment but it seems that bolton would have similar difficulties getting confirmed now national security advisor does not have to be confirmed and so he's the bypass that completely talk about the national security adviser have that last word with the president the way the job is is designed with the keeping the national security adviser physically housed in the white house well that's precisely what gives the national security advisor his or her currency having that proximity to the president the national security advisers office is just feet from the oval office in his joshua saying on your program earlier the national security adviser is the first one in in the last one out when the president meets with with his foreign counterpart the other key point though lawrence is at the national security adviser is not supposed to come to the position with firm prominent policy views of his or her own the person is supposed to be the coordinator is supposed to be the mediator between the secretary of defense the secretary of state the intelligence community the treasury department and so forth and so on that's not john bolton john bolton has come who someone who comes to the job with very strong preformed views in lawrence i just want to go back to to the last question to david this question on russia john bolton is a hawk.

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