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And they all look like you're not supposed to be here. It's that kind of feeling. But everybody has that there because you're not worthy of seeing this greatness. That's the idea of most museums. Right. But I what I'm asking you again. Seventy one is do you believe that somebody that works for the FAA said, no food no drinks, no watermelon? That's I've been to the multiple times. I've never seen anything close to that type of thing. Yeah. I get the air. I just had this getting museum Jared, where I'm like, I'm not worthy of be ever, but there was nothing like that nobody. And I was taking pictures with the stuff to send to a buddy of mine going. Nobody said don't knock it off the crap out Bricusse blah, blah, blah six one seven two six sixty six let's go to the phones. Bob in Boston. Bob. You're next on our. Maybe. It wasn't racist day at the MFA it seems there's multiple situations where these children are being exposed to racism by different people. It just seems I and also it seems that the employees ease of this of this institution them are being a, you know, the Kilty until proven innocent. Why is this being released into the newspapers into the press? Why is this not being investigated? Fully in everybody given their their opportunity to, to speak about what took place. Well, saying, don't understand. So a couple things on that at its in the press because the school, put it in the press, I get that. Look, if this happened to your kids, I would get the word out. This is outrageous. This is unacceptable. We're not doing my daughter's going to feel drip coming up, too. Chinatown in a week. And if something like this happened there, I would be talking about it. I would be complaining about it. But what, what? But your first part is you're better part, which is that. There. There's multiple things that are happening like the entire time they were there different people were on them that seems pretty suspicious at the MFA. It'd be one thing for one person to make a ridiculous comment. That's fireable. It's another thing for multiple people to do it. Like it was like they had a group meeting. That said, okay, we got this tour coming in. Everybody be ready to say really offensive things to them that, that seems out of character for the MFA does it. Not six seven two six six sixty eight sixty eight. It's you're in the middle on AM six eighty wer..

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