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In the kingdom of the tone sought that the uniform would be black in a sense of a non the All Blacks and the game wreck as very much dime. I mean, it's it's it's if it's like NFL without stoppages in with that particular equipment. In people need to be out around more than five meters than eat about around about six to four to six mile on a game site. It's a full on collision sport. We we have broken binds mice games in this. You know, it's pretty confrontational in bicycling a war of attrition. Territory to score points. In the team's pretty successful history. It's about I to win win right size. Detain doesn't lose much in the team travels. The world stoldas taken on taking on the world out of suitcases, but him. Mm rugby is a prototype a lot where do we go? What I wanna make sure that we're focusing around because the the framework cares. He you you are an expert in managing demands of very high high professional high level, professional sport. But you're also have become this expert in environment. When I think it's really interesting, then when we flip that and look through the framework of youth development from two two points. One is that you have kids, which is I think going to be an interesting part about, you know, are your kids out there planning the countries with you and secondarily. I think rugby in New Zealand has a pretty good academy program. Will you get to really track and and sort of influence, youth development Leeson this sport? And can you begin to just if we unraveled sort of the this onion of youth development? How have you seen changes in youth over the last? Let's say ten years is there a change in sort of youth development. Is there something shifting around kids in New Zealand? You've seen y'all think in New Zealand what we've seen is we've seen a shift away from exercise will physically physically dictation will sporting activity is all my spare Bain removed from the skull curriculum in you know, the schools are now a now not necessarily providing opportunities for kids stakes. So as luck that used to. So what's happened to him as as parents and kids having to look for -tunities outside of skull in. So I suppose over the last probably three or four years in New Zealand. Of seeing a greater. We miss integrator modification from parents in kids to look opportunities outside of school with its exercise programs or gym memberships, or you know, Yagi Gerke, so whatever it's nothing to do with SCO. Whereas, you know, we know I was at school everything you did was at school you played rugby for your SCO. You played football fiasco. That's what's hit in New Zealand. The skull system is sort of removed it from the from the sort of responsibility on suppose in in superior kids having to look for ways outside of SCO to to achieve that that outlet that exercise that that that competetive outlet sallied, it's probably a shift of of being aware of the last few years. Us then it seems like only the privileged kids then have an opportunity to exercise, right? If their parents have the means vehicle to often after school programs, right? And it's absolutely car problem on the around the rest of the world. But it's definitely definitely the case. You've got you've got peer with the resource the money the time to to be to help and carriage and facilitate that or you have these kids snuck really having the opportunity site. Yeah. Comes a little bit down to to to money paternity in in in spies, motivation and knowledge as well. So Kelly mentioned that you have kids, and I know you do, but I was hoping you could tell us a little bit about them. And what kind of sports if any they do. And then I'll follow that up a couple more questions just about how you guys do things in your family. You not good Christian or I'll to gills sit in half in seventeen and a half and. Supplies of being really conscious myself not to push them today. Too much on lots of parents push in in guy, one extreme in supplies on my philosophy is to encourage and support provide opportunity in in in allow the gills to try and figure out what they enjoy why they enjoy it. So that when they leave me time and guy off on their own journey of life that I've got the tolls in the ability to a spice Mike decisions in into it for the raisins versus doing it because I've told to do it..

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