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US department of health and human services Sterling hanging out, sterling me sheriff, there reds Phillies later, seven hundred w w you. Get the Nevada fun coding, well that's, kinda nice and someone stole. My terrible and you get the golden with what are the goal was gay or they're just golden they're cool right I guess that's what that is I twenty thousand in the ballpark get those than walk the moon later other stuff going, on is amazing, weekend, here in, the, tri-state, you also got the, Cincinnati music festival, Jill, Scott who's, amazing, that, a. Chance to see. Her lie before the roots as well common Keith sweat on it goes pretty nice Meantime talking a little bit about crazy insane dump stuff we done his kids could have effectively killed us sometimes we don't, grow out of it we keep doing it and the other thing, just talking off the air with the. Broadcast sheriff is, mardi is affectionately termed our friend is eighteen, is that a lot of people for a while we're doing this whole selfie. Thing and it's continuing to be. A problem where people are so caught up with trying to get a picture of them somewhere doing, something like over the edge of a of a cliff like when. I was, living, in, Nevada, there was someone who. Did that over some type of canyon and they got too close to the. Edge and they were? Filming? Video not. Even just like a. Still shot and, fell to their death and then they on the news. Station, at one point they had acquired the video from their phones somebody shared it or maybe it was on social media and they got. It and, you? Saw them tumbling down they only. Showed a smallest bit of it, because the guy ended up being like. Stuff on Iraq which is really not the way you went to end any day generally speaking seven, four nine, seven thousand eight hundred the big one pound seven hundred AT and t. your chance, to get interactive. What have you done Or what are your kids done luckily that they've, somehow survived to date and we go where it's great as always. And I, think, they've, got, the Celtic fest going. On up there lots of good stuff going on all over Pam term was. Sterling how are you I, I'm all right So thirteen, or fourteen years old we used to swim across the lake at our campground in the. Middle, of the night Not not your best choice because there were no other humans out there just two. Or three of us right and then the. Other, thing we used to? Do, this is way before we had cell phones we. Used to do a Chinese fire. Drill now what exactly is that. Well you'd have four or five, people in the car we get to a rod light the driver stayed in the car, the rest of us got out ran around the car and then got back in the car before the light. Turned red but green and you just hope not to get hit by other cars or Yes well you gotta have something to do, I suppose to kill some time and try not to die right that's right That's pretty awesome panel I appreciate your listening. Thank you quickly get one more and before we talk to Tony pike. Bengals training camp, going? On. Down, Paul Brown stadium and of course, later on big time show as well market your term what's. Going. On bro All right I got no complaints living it's a beautiful. Day life is good In high school we. We got. Straight idea to my backyard. And my mom worked. A local hospital All land We one of the guys split his inside his file on one of the iron cross Yeah you. Could, die doesn't artery or. Something go. Up he could have bled out whole Ma high see I clearly a pedestrian that's tremendous but was she there? To, provide care or. Did you guys end up running into mom at the ER subsequently no she. Wasn't there he had to go to the yard and somebody else took care of him That. Would be. Hard to explain Mark I appreciate you sharing man glad you're listening let's get to this Bengals training report we've? Got, the.

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