California, American Civil Liberties Union, European Union discussed on Pacifica Evening News


That in our time and day that our president doesn't understand or he understand the clear. We're trying to do this country is built upon a melting pot. Various cultures and individuals. The fact that they will not allow this to come and hold the hand of her dying child criminal within itself. The family and their supporters say time is running out because of dulas parents have decided to take their son off life support because he doesn't have much longer to live. And their advocates have filed a lawsuit alleging that authorities aren't allowing southern California detainees adequate access to legal counsel. The American Civil Liberties union of southern California and other advocates sued in federal court in riverside over the issue at three detention facilities, the suit filed Friday alleges that immigration and customs enforcement and its contract facilities and outta Lonzo. And Orange County are limiting detainees. Ability to make phone calls and aren't providing enough rooms for attorneys to meet with their clients. The American civil American immigration lawyers association says similar problems have been reported elsewhere, but are particularly serious at the southern California, facilities, immigration and customs enforcement declined to comment on the pending litigation. British Prime Minister Theresa may announce that the postponed vote in parliament on Britain's Brexit agreement with the European Union will be held the week of January fourteenth. That's more than a month after it was originally scheduled and just ten weeks before Britain is set to leave the EU either with a deal or without one another which would.

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