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A little temple of ionic architecture. Most delicately wrought which was meant to contain the pepper beneath her with a handsome living creatures which the earth produces and the rocks were partly enameled partly left in gold. The whole peace reposed upon a base of ebony properly proportioned but with a projecting corners upon which introduced four golden figures. Rather more than half relief. They represented night day twilight and on. I put moreover into the same freeze for other figures similar in size and intended for the four chief winds these were executed and in part enameled with the most exquisite refinement. When i exhibited this piece to his majesty. He uttered allowed outcry of astonishment and could not satiate his eyes with gazing at it then he made me take it back to my house saying he would tell me at the proper time what i should have to do with it so i carried it home and sent. It wants to invite several of my best friends. We dined gaily together placing the salt cellar in the middle of the table. And thus we were the first to use it. After this i went on working at my jupiter and silver and also at the great vase i have already described which was richly decorated with variety of ornaments and figures chapter thirty seven at that time. Bellona the painter suggested to the king that it would be well if his majesty's sent him to rome with letters of recommendation to the end that he might cast the foremost masterpieces of antiquity namely the low. On the cleopatra the venus the coma das the zinn gara and the apollo. These of truth are by far the finest things in rome. He told the king that when his majesty had once said is upon these marvelous works he would then and not till then be able to criticize the arts of designs since everything which she had seen by us moderns was far. Removed from the perfection of the ancients. The king accepted his proposal and gave him the introductions required accordingly. The beast went off and took his bad luck with him. Not having the force encouraged contend with his own hands against me. He adopted the truly lumbar device of depreciating my performances by becoming a copy of antiques in its own proper place i shall relate how though he had these statues excellently cast. He obtained a result quite contrary to his imagination ahead now done forever with that disreputable katharina and the unfortunate young man. Her husband had to camp from paris wanting then to finish off my fountain blue which was already cast in bronze as well as to execute the two victories which we're going to fill the angles above the net of the door. I engaged a poor girl of the age of about fifteen. She was beautifully made and other brunette complexion being somewhat savage in her ways and spare speech quick and movement with the look of solidness about her. Is i nicknamed her scores zone. Her real name was gene with her for model. I gave perfect finish to the bronze phoned him blue. And also the two victories now. This girl was a clean made. And i got her with child. She gave birth to a daughter on the seventh of june at thirteen hours of the day. In fifteen forty four. When i had exactly reached the age of forty four i named the infant costanza and mr guido goudie the kings physician and my most intimate friend as i have previously related. Held her at the font..

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