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Hopkins proton dot org It's my 38 Traffic and whether on the 8 so let's get to Dave dildine in the WTO traffic Senate From Bethesda into Northern Virginia southbound on the two 70 spur and on the outer loop of the beltway It is heavy and slow around the big curve onto river road a little bit more forward motion past Carter rock and across the legion bridge And with better movement further beyond Georgetown pike and the crash near the dulles toll road cleared and all lanes reopen at that point on the outer loop On the northbound lanes of 95 merging out of the outer lip through Springfield to pace gradually improving anything that remains of a crash near south van Doorn should be on the shoulder Northbound three 95 across the 14th street bridge heavy to go east on the freeway a north on D.C. two 95 the work zone keeps the right side blocked from the third street tunnel outbound on New York avenue slowly getting by a truck stopped above north capitol street It's in the right lane You get by to the left Back to the beltway in Maryland prince George's county Italy slow landover through Largo beyond exit 13 the crash on the right side a serious crash and investigation keeping central avenue closed at points between bright seat road and hill road It happened a couple of hours ago at Morgan boulevard and Richie rode two 14 remains closed Maryland two ten southbound remains heavy off the beltway mistimed signals at Palmer road and old fort road I've made a couple calls now to transportation officials on in charge of route three O one you're the nice Middleton bridge and in king George county No one really knows much about the work zone on three O one but the backup is significant Both backups in fact with traffic alternating at last report between dahlgren and the nice Middleton bridge I 70 eastbound after the south mountain rest area had the crash on the right side Need extra cash rest in limo is hiring full and part time CDL drivers full-time CDL charter drivers receive a $5000 bonus call or text one 8 three three limo jobs Dave dildy WTO pay traffic Let's talk about the weather Here's Ryan Rain coming to the region and we will anticipate developing showers here this afternoon and evening As ray.

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