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This is the Larry O'Connor Shell David in Rockville coming in here, David as Montgomery County. Now forget about just the county Han dreamer who will be joining us later. Once the entire state to go into a stay at home order. What do you say David? I don't understand, Larry. First of all, thank you for taking my call, sir. So by the grace of God, my small, family owned remodeling business is considered essential. Um Had twins born a year ago last week, so I don't know how we would rats. You thank you, but I don't. I just I can't fathom how we would have survived if I couldn't work. It's not humanly possible. That being said, I want to know how That completely violates our constitutional rights is not Being address. I just don't I don't understand it. Well, it should be addressed in there will be lawsuits. There have been lawsuits, as was mentioned earlier in the segment in Pennsylvania. And and actually they want. I believe in Michigan and Wisconsin. Also, it needs to go to the state Supreme Court. And if they do, try to do a statewide shut down, stay at home order. I'm sure that it will be challenged. But they're they're rationalizing it all David under a state of emergency, that this is a public health. Emergency, and that gives the governor's certain powers that supersede temporarily the Constitution. That's their claim. I'm not saying that's legitimate. That's the plane, right? So but even but going to you know, as you say all the time, the justice I mean the wheels of justice. Turn ever so slowly the destructions done before any outcome, that's wrong. That's right. And that's the question Is that who who pays for this and who cleans up this mess and who rectifies people while this process goes forward, Bill and I feel like they don't take that into consideration, Bill. Thank you for the call. I appreciate it will try to take his many as we can here as we move forward with this topic. Stay on the line. I do want to get to it, but I also want to get with Spencer Brown. Young America's Foundation talk.

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