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In the western tradition every single philosopher has the in hero who is good is building off of plato and every single one of them who is bad has specifically denied. plato plato. Not because he was right about everything but because his trajectory was so correct his trajectory into the forms and following him. In that way. Like that gets you like so much. So that like i mean. The authors of the new testament are lake using platonic philosophy at like for people who are like. Well do i need plato. I've got the bible. The bible has not because plato is has influenced the bible necessarily but like because he was so true then the author of all truth. Christ can't help but have had similarities to what we see in plato. Because if plato was right about something then everyone else who's right is gonna agree with plato in some ways and so i got gotta plug plato and the best one to start with. There's a dialogue. Called the i also and that's where i would start elsa sobriety for not the second survivor the first out sobriety. So i would start with the first lady's interesting now. I think that chew on it raza with it disagree with it. Fight with it but engage with it takes. That's what you gotta do. Take your time and reread it and fight with it. I think the the wrestling with plato. Plato was a wrestler. Plato as his stage name in the wrestling ring. That's the real wide back right. Yeah bob shoulders probably is the better english idiom for a broad shoulders. But i think the fact that plato. His name means broad shoulders wrestling. Maybe you have to wrestle with him. And i think israel which means fights god wrestles with god. I think that those names really do mean something. Well got to engage with it. You've got to get into the thick of it and you've got to start not sorry not to imply that our listeners do not already engage and start so but you've got to just stay in the fight you've got to stay in the fight the mental fight and looking through things and wrestling with it and being a with getting upset and have finding ideas that really challenge you to the core of what you think and saying okay.

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