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Other place without without question these guys are these guys are super bowl quarterbacks i don't care if they ever get to a super bowl again or don't they are that calver of guy to where if they just had a little help they can bring a team there consistently but matt stafford i mean how many years has been for since he's been one hundred had one hundred yard rusher i didn't look it up i didn't come here like trying to like show you every stat in the world nobody really just boss the shipping container you waved a hand at this look this up from did you mean thousand yard rusher a thousand yard rusher fun well either way that's what i'm saying he hasn't had one hundred yard rusher in a game since two thousand and thirteen thousand yard rushers don't exist most people can't even name who's the running back for the detroit lions that's exactly right nobody gives a damn nobody cares it's goes matt stafford dropback and oh it's the fourth quarter down by ten can you please make magic happen and then occasionally because his team's not as good he throws an interception in those scenarios and we go stafford screwed it up he lost the game for us and i would argue and go well no damn they're not in the game if matt stafford doesn't make some of the plays he makes the keep them in it and i think that's what gets lost in translation sometimes a quarterback with the stats and the win loss record defenses i mean tell me some quality defensive players he's ever had with them other than donna consumed the start of his career really not much so that's my feeling on him he is tremendously physically gifted and another guy that i think is extremely under appreciated because of the team and the coaches and the organization that's been surrounding him throughout his career.

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