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Jabbed me and i was just about to say you it. All good will join the crowd only me we can ask about hackman. No let's see. Oh just keep talking. Al jumping wouldn't famously wouldn't wear a bald cap and was. Is it true that he wouldn't shavers mustache. You had to go meet him talking shaving his moustache well. What happened was is a wonderful puzzles to gut on this show. Yes dick best. He was one of our guests. I love him. He called me one day and he said have you myth ackman yet. I said no. He said he's going to be my office in an hour. Once you come over and I also just come back from eglin in preparation and growing a mustache. And i met him in in in the gunman's office dig up and was one of the great publicist said handle all many many great characters actors producers directors anyway I i went over. And i met gene and we were talking about this big mustache and i said We'll look at you. Know one of the things i want to talk you about is lex luther your character in the fact that he his bowl instead of you wearing a bald cap throughout the whole picture which can be very uncomfortable. Won't you shave your head for the movie. And he looked at me. He said No i'm not gonna wear all gap and And i don't shave my professor heckman. I said you he said that's your problem. Hi said well As much as i said at least you'll shave. your mustache. Must cease on my way. Back to london so and i went back and i thought about it. I figured out a way that We would treat Lex luther 's hair as part of his narcissistic approach to life has levels of the mirror and that he would wear his hair different. All the time in the movie had four. He could keep his hair. We would diet changes women curling and it was wonderful the only once at the very end when he's captured yesterday. Take his wig off and jail right ned. Beatty jail so He i was in england. And they said mr hackman's in makeup And i said does he have his mustache by the nitrate by off and he said yes he has so i said to the maccabean. Come down here right away. So he came down to my office. I should put on the best mustache you can possibly put on. And he worked for a little bit with his mustache. Went up to make up with them. Hackman was in the chair. And i said well gene. At least you're happy with the hair. That's all going to work. I understand you pleased. And that the only two where the skullcap wants yeah. Yeah that'll work that'll work. I said but no mustaches. Just got off. He said no no. It's not coming off. I said the everybody knows your kennedy's it's coming off. All right. i tell you what. I i was playing with my most. I said you take yours off. Take off and he active haney said hari. Okay sit out while you're there. I'm not going anywhere. You can trace me down. Just judge said to the baker and take off his busted and he looks at me and his hand started shake with his electric razor and he when it acklin any shaved them clean then gene said okay. he stood up and he said you sit down. I said i don't need to. And i pulled it off. And he looked at me nice work and is his neck went from a size sixteen. And a half to throbbing. Nineteen with rain sticking. I knew he was gonna kill me but it would again. It was the start of a a wonderful friendship. Nice a nice outcome. Here's while i was gonna ask you the whole ed campaign for the original superman was you will believe a man can fly. And i heard that the original special effects were laughable. They were just like horrible when they were. I really bad. I mean they were really there. They were much like you know like the tv. Show a guy laying on a board and When being passed a background moving bind him. And that i had i had seven units going on that picture. All the time and that particular unit flying unit took us Well over a year before we sat in a room looking at daly's and said oh my god we got it. Got the first flying shot. It took that long to get to it call. Who's impossible but we broke every barrier. We deal was before computers. I computers where there weren't computers for film. There weren't programs that could be done. Everything was still being done in a very old fashion style. And a mechanical way. It worked within its limitations. But you couldn't you couldn't t- for instance is a machine called a front projection machine which is different than rear projection machine and so that the screen is behind the actor and you project and this machine as a ton of a brilliant man came to his name zoran basic who had just invented a machine at did exactly what one ton unit did but it weighed like thirty five pounds. Not a ton at two separate lenses on it. They were very special. And we experimented with that and worked on it and developed it until one day. This machine made you look up and say by god. He's flying. wow so it was. It was the whole experience of making this movie. It was painful it was difficult. I fired my editor at least ten times and he quit please. Fifteen and stewart berties wanted to great film editing and But it was love eight. We were all trying to get this thing done and we were when that picture finally opened in a theater we all sat hairless very humbled vallon span. Needs help. well. I certainly hope this little incident has put you on this. Statistically speaking of course it's still the safest way to travel..

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