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Repeating for this team is very important I think that they are determined to not let this lingering trevor bauer situation Impact their chances of doing so. They know where they stand in the national league west. And i think buster. It's fascinating to me that were at this point and given the amount of starting pitching depth that we thought the dodgers had at the beginning of the year. You look at what happened monday. You think to yourself man. This dodgers seem really needs starting pitching and it's just amazing that were here. You talked about tony. Gosselin clayton kershaw. Who is hurt. It's julio reas who has had a great year but he is blown past his previous career high in innings. You gotta some point. You're going to have to monitor. It's david price was spent the whole year in the bullpen. Who is just now being stretched out. Obviously we know what's going on with. Trevor bauer this is the dodgers team. That desperately needs starting pitching. But as i've been hearing leading up to the trade deadline allowed teams. Want starting pitching this month starting pitcher. He's going to be especially difficult to come by this year from what i've heard. The giants focused leading the trade deadline. Probably is going be bullpen. Help and i think as we get closer the deadline a lot of that will be available. You touched on. Trevor bauer situation. He's got that hearing later in the week. There's no point in getting the weeds of the back and forth on the charges in terms of the dodgers situation. Think the question going forward is Will the dodgers continue to You know stand behind. Trevor bauer and the fact that they hold their bauer merchandise to me was a strong clue that they are preparing for the possibility of not having it for the rest of the year and that would involve a whole lot of stuff Which again we. We can't really get into the weeds on without requiring a three hour podcasts. But generally speaking. What's the sense in the dodgers organization that you have about our whether or not he's going to be part of the team moving forward but so this is a really difficult situation when you look at all the allegations that have come to light. Just how ugly. All of this seems I think you. Obviously you've gotta let the legal process play out. And i think a lot of this. There's a reason why that administrative leave was extended to where it was. They wanna wait to get to do this. civil hearing on friday regarding whether or not that restraining order will stay in place. Trevor bauer does have to attend that hearing. He doesn't obviously have testified on behalf but he will be there. And i think that will be a big part of what happens. Moving forward particularly with the criminal investigation. Everybody i speak to in baseball around the dodgers specifically with the dodgers but around that team the thought from everybody is that it's hard to picture him pitching and putting on that uniform again regardless of what plays out here We'll see though you gotta let the legal process play out. But i think new from a lot of folks around baseball. There's not one person that i spoke all put it this way. Who can imagine. Trevor bauer putting that dodgers uniform again. Especially not this season and probably not at all. I love your tweet last night. About shohei ohtani. G starts for the angels He pitches six scoreless innings. They go to the bullpen at that. Point and immediately three run homers is hit in the angels. Go on lose. You tweeted out around the exact in front of me along. The lines of he has to do everything. You're you're right in manny. Ramirez agrees with you. The former all star outfielder. I saw this from hick gomez The quotes to him. That guy is a martian is from another planet he can hit with power. He throws it ninety eight miles per hour. He has a chain curve. Slider we must thank god. We are seeing this phenomenon. Manny ramirez would know about players mars by the way he you know he might be. The other guy is in his personality showing a tiny just every time he steps on the field now amazes us yes oh and yesterday. The slider was the big pitch against the as a really good as team. Thirty six hundred five.

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